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7 Tips to Choose Perfect Flooring for Your House

Flooring makes essential part on house comfort and interior beauty. Many people tend to give less attention on this aspect and forget that it plays big role. A flooring choice should cover several aspects from health, comfort, to beauty. Therefore we need to make the choice very carefully. Here are several useful tips that will […]

6 Tips to Replace Damaged Engineered Floor

Engineered floor is mentioned to be really great in a building. It covers our need on comfort and also interior beauty. However, bad things happen and we may find the need to replace several of those floors as it was damaged. Here are the useful tips to replace the damaged floor. 1. Do Not Sand […]

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Looks for 2013 That You’ll Just love

You may be wondering what interior decorators are hailing as the next “big thing” for 2013? Well just a few ideas that are featured in the latest remodels include glass backsplashes, chevron patterns and retractable towel rails. However much you may want to feature the latest ideas into your kitchen design, you need to bear […]