5 Amazing Ideas For Choosing Home Paint Colour

home paint colour ideasOne of the best residential painters Mesa AZ has is Tru Line Painting. By having a lot of costumers that totally, completely, 100% satisfied with their work, they have proven themselves that they’re one of Phoenix Arizona’s top painting contractors. They also get an A+ rating with the Arizona Better Business Bureau or BBB, with their CEO Sergio Ibarra that already has 20 years of experience in painting, it’s not a strange achievement for them to get.

As you can see from their website, Tru Line Painting has a lot of testimonials to prove themselves that they’re really the best painters that you can get in Mesa Arizona. And they have a free estimates for you who want to get your home painted professionally by them with no any cost.

Seeing the results, we could conclude that the Tru Line Painting have some of main ideas in choosing paint colour to make your home or even office more stand out and visible. And here are 5 amazing ideas for choosing home colour that we’d like to share with you:

Neutral And Soft Colours For Exterior

For a big building or a big house, it’s better to choose a natural or a soft colour of paint to give it a clean look. Because, since you are having a big space of walls it would look full and messy if you paint it with more than one bright colours. But, if you still want to have a bit touch of bright colour, you still can paint your wall with it. But just paint a little space of your wall with bright coloured paint, and use white or any neutral colour for the rest of your wall.

Interior Paint Colours

For the interior, you could actually choose any colour you want. Especially for your personal bedroom, you can mix and match any colour you want that suit with your style and character. But, for the living room I recommend you to paint it with a neutral blend coloured paint, because it would give your living room an illusion of having a bigger space.

Bright Colours For Your Office And House

It’s a different case if you want to paint your office with bright colour. It’s better to paint your office with bright colour to make it more visible and stand out. But remember to choose a colour that get along with your office theme. And for house, it’s cute for you who have a small house to mix 1-3 different bright colours to paint it. Like the residential painters Mesa AZ did, sometimes they paint the houses with different bright colours to give each of the house style and character.

Shape And Pattern

To make your place look more unique and artistic. You could use this method to paint your wall. First use white or any neutral colour for the base of your wall, then draw any shape or pattern that you want, then paint it with a bright colour to make it prettier and more visible. For example, white for the base and yellow, red, green, and blue, for the shape and pattern. But if you want a simple and minimalist theme you could choose black or grey for the shape and pattern colours.


This one is the easiest method of all, but to prevent your home looking full and smaller, you could stick the wallpaper to only a half bottom of your wall and then paint the rest with a base colour that the wallpaper has.

Actually you could choose any colour of paint that you want for your place, but it would be better if you know the main ideas about choosing the perfect paint colour so you won’t regret it later. But you can always have an alternative, if you want to make sure that your home to get painted well, and neat. You can always to call and hire an expert like Tru Line Painting to do it for you, as you already know they are the one of the best residential painters Mesa AZ has.

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