5 Tips to Great Landscaping

front yard landscaping ideasRegardless of your lifestyle, there are always benefits to having wonderful landscaping at your home. Whether you are a home body that is inside all the time, or someone who lives in their backyard and garden, or a business man or woman that travels all the time, the benefits of having a well groomed lawn are the same across the board.

A well landscaped and maintained lawn first and foremost will keep your property and resale value in the high margins. There’s a reason channels like HGTV make millions of dollars on home selling programs and shows called “Curb Appeal”. It’s true, those things certainly factor in. Your house can be exactly the same but look a million times better with a wonderful yard surrounding it. Think of it like the clothes we wear, and what a difference it can make between a guy in baggy shorts and a shirt with holes in it, and a very nice 3 piece suit. It can change the entire appearance and perception of the guy, or the house!

The other huge benefit of a nice, clean, well maintained lawn is insect control. As beautiful as great landscaping can be all of the elements that are used create housing for both good and bad insects. However the more overgrown your weeds or bushes or grass is, the more and worse kinds of bugs you will start to find. Keeping everything groomed, and short, and trimmed, adding new mulch each season are all ways to keep the bugs down.

So here’s 5 tips for you DIYers out there.

  • Less = More

The Real Estate market for some time has been booming for some time with “open”concept. No longer do people like the idea of being segmented in one room or another but like the idea of being able to see everyone and flow from one room to another with seamless transitions. If people desire the inside of the house to be this way the outside of the house should usually follow. Try to avoid clutter. Allow appropriate spacing between flowers and plants and keep the heights of the bushes and trees from overtaking the house. Particularly in the front yard.

  • Add some Color

Most of our houses will be predominately a single color or a mix of maybe a couple neutral colors. Your yard becomes the accent color if you will and some strategically placed bright colors can definitely make the yard and the house pop. Some seasonal flowers in a nice mulch bed somewhere can do this trick.


  • Lighting

This may not be everyone’s favorite idea but one way to make a $100 landscape look like a $1000 landscape is to add some effective up lighting on the house, or on the best pieces of the landscape. You do not have to go crazy with this (remember rule #1) but just enough to add a little spark.

  • Add Stone

Somewhere in your yard whether it is around a tree or a flower bed, or you create a nice walking path to the back yard you need to get some nice stone somewhere in your yard. Preferably a stone that is not the same color as what your house is. Again you want this feature to act as an accent color against your house, not blend in against the house.

  • Take Care of what you Created

Unfortunately this is not a one and done process. Your yard will go through 365 days this year of withstanding the elements of the weather in your area. It will grow and deteriorate and wash out. Creating the need for some consistent TLC throughout the year and strongly at the beginning of Spring. But if you do it consistently or hire someone to spruce it up every few months and keep the yard mowed, it becomes much easier and a much less daunting task when Spring does roll around. You may even learn to enjoy it!

Always remember that the DIY approach is not for everyone, and these are just a few simple things you can do to up your lawn game. When it comes to the serious stuff, like decks, patios, fire pits, pergolas, pools, and outdoor kitchens… I always recommend hiring a professional landscaper like the ones over at Summit Landscapes. They are the greatest and if you bring them out to recreate your yard, you’ll never want to go inside again.

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