5 Simple and Cost Effective Landscaping Tips

Landscaping can alter the entire look of your home, and it can certainly change the way you feel about your home. Some people never attempt even simple landscaping for fear of huge expenses, but the truth is that it is very possible to landscape on a budget without looking like you spared no expense. Here are 5 simple and cost effective tips to help you out:

  1. Rocks
    Using rocks or marble chips can be a very attractive option in your landscaping design. You can use them to create a path through your yard and even as kind of a “filler” over a large area of ground. It is a very wise idea to first lay down a landscape fabric that will prevent weeds from growing up through the rocks. This also makes it much easier to clean in case you find that the bed of rocks has become overwhelmed by dirt or leaves.
  2. Large foliage
    Using good-sized, wide-set, green foliage can be a smart alternative to pricey, high-maintenance flowers. You can use large plants to create an arching effect in your outdoor area. Creating variety with some tall and some low-growing plants with odd shapes can keep things looking interesting. Having large plants means that ultimately you will have less plants. Hence, less plants that will require upkeep. Overall, this will save you time and money.
  3. Use large, spreading plants or trees in large beds that would otherwise require multiple plants to fill the space.
    The same principal applies here as above: fewer plants, less maintenance. Also, with spreading plants (plants whose foliage or trees whose branches expand outward and take up a lot of space) will give the illusion of being much bigger than they are. The whole point of landscaping is to make your outdoor area look attractive, so it’s okay if you take shortcuts and cheat a little here and there.
  4. Favor perennials over small shrubs.
    Perennials are evergreen, so they will look great all year round. They require very little maintenance beyond annual pruning. Sprawling ground covers like this that are low-growing will reduce the need to have many small plants around to fill the space.
  5. Check Craigslist for discounts on things you might really use.
    It’s not unusual for Craigslist to have free dirt or gravel under their “free” section. If you really want to landscape on a tight budget, it can be worthwhile to explore options like this. If you want a wooden bench to incorporate in your landscaping design, for example, you might find that at a very reasonable price on Craigslist. Always check the “free” section first. If something good is on there, it will usually go fast.

If you’re not on a shoe-string budget, you might benefit from investing some money in the beginning to create a solid landscape design for your home that you can maintain for years to come. Calling on professionals like Trimlawn Landscape Services can make a huge difference. Especially if this is your first time landscaping, you might want some help from people who’ve been doing it for years.

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