Backyard Patio Furniture Shopping Basics for Homeowners

Many homeowners are looking for ways to squeeze a little more usable space out of their property, and some have found untapped potential in the backyard. If you want to increase your square footage, one of the best ways to do it is to transform your boring backyard into a livable outdoor oasis complete with lush landscaping, heating and lighting, and of course, comfortable furniture. But you don’t necessarily have to build a million-dollar backyard in order to enjoy your outdoor living space. Here are just a few guidelines that should help you to assemble the luxurious lounge or eating and entertaining area that suits your backyard patio.

The first thing to think about when selecting backyard patio furniture is utility. In other words, what will you use it for? Whether you’re looking for an outdoor dining area or a comfortable place to lounge with a good book (or both), you’ll certainly want to ensure enough seating to accommodate your family members. But you may also be interested in using the space to entertain extended family and friends. In this case additional seating and tables may be necessary. Of course, you could always look for a few high-end pieces for everyday use and then stock up on less expensive seating that is easy to stack and store in the garage or shed for those rare occasions when you entertain. It all depends on your budget and the use value you expect to get from each piece of furniture you buy. Size also matters, so make sure to measure the areas where furniture will be used and stored.

Along the line of practical purchases, you’ll also want to consider durability. Depending on your climate, your patio furniture could be subjected to scorching heat, seasonal storms, and/or freezing cold temperatures. If you live in a region that has harsh winter weather that precludes you from using your outdoor furniture for a significant portion of the year, your best bet is to cover it with tarps or store it indoors (in the garage, for example) during the winter. This will help to prevent undue damage when your furniture isn’t in use. But you might also want to refresh the finish regularly with an annual coat of Rust-Oleum, lacquer, varnish, or whatever keeps the effects of the elements at bay. Cushions may simply have to be replaced periodically as they suffer fading or other damage.

Finally, you need to think about how much you want to spend furnishing your backyard patio. Outdoor furnishings come in a wide range of prices, but quality definitely matters. If what you’re looking for is furniture that will last for years to come, splurging might be worth it. Although you can definitely find discount options at stores like Target, you might not get the same longevity. Another idea is to hit up yard sales in search of sturdy pieces that merely need new upholstery or cushions. There are options for every budget. But whether you’re shopping bargain basement finds or you’re seeking finer furnishings at anĀ outdoor furniture store Wellesley, MA, make sure you go in with a budget in mind and an idea of what you want for the price.

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