5 DIY Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Although they’re not something that a lot of people tend to think about, gutters are a very important part of any home. That’s because they are what collect a lot of the rainwater along with debris that comes down on the house. Without gutters, there’s a pretty good chance that the results of rain and even ice could ultimately damage the foundation of your house. That’s why it’s so important to keep them clean.

If you’d like a few suggestions on the things that you should do in order to effectively clean the rain gutters that are attached to your home, here are five DIY tips:

Wear gloves and goggles. Being that dirty gutters are filled with all kinds of dirt and debris, you need to avoid cleaning them out with your bear hands. Plus, by using your bare hands, you significantly increase the risk of getting cut by a piece of your gutter and possibly getting an infection. For this reason, make sure to wear some rubber gloves. Also, to keep random pieces of debris from getting into your eyes during the cleaning process, put on some goggles too.

Scoop up the debris. In order to reach your gutters, you’re going to need to use a ladder. Once you’re leaning against it, the easiest way to get the debris out is by simply scooping it all out with your gloved hands. As far as what to do with the debris, you have one of two choices. You can throw it down on the ground and then rake it up once you’re done. Or, you can put the debris into a bucket. Also, consider having hand-held shovel by your side too. That way, if there happens to be some debris that seems to be caked onto your gutter, you can use the shovel to scrape it off.

Run water through the gutters. Once all of the debris has been removed, the next thing that you should do is use your garden hose in order to run water through your gutters. Not only will it help to complete the cleaning process, but it can show you if your gutters are backing up anywhere. In fact, it’s a good idea to have someone down at the bottom of the ladder to watch the water run through the gutters. That way, they can observe them and let you know if your system is working effectively.

Check for problems. If you were to ask someone who works for a company like Metroplex Window and Gutter Cleaning about something else that you should do when it comes to cleaning your own gutters, something that they might recommend is taking out the time to check for any sorts of problems that your gutters might have. Before you run your water hose and also during the water running process, look to see if there are any signs of holes or cracks in your gutters. If there are some, you should fix them as soon as possible. Neglected gutters can lead to all sorts of foundational issues over time. One website that can walk you through the steps of how to repair your gutters yourself is This Old House. Simply go to the site and put “how to fix damaged gutters” in the search field.

Clean them out once a season. Some people’s gutters end up causing them problems simply because they don’t clean their gutters out enough. According to gutter cleaning experts, it’s a good idea to clean your rain gutters out once a season. That prevents a lot of debris from piling up. It’s the key to having clean gutters all year long.

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