5 Interior Design Basics for First-Time Homeowners

As a homeowner, interior design is important. When you first move into a home, your first step is probably to move all your furniture in. But there is a difference between simply moving your furniture in and doing so with the interior design in mind. Moving your furniture in is simply arranging your furniture so that it looks decent in your new space. But interior design is much more than that. For one, what happens if your old furniture doesn’t fit inside your new home? Also, you want to place art on the walls and you want to add details here and there. Plus, there may be spaces with a new function and thus need to be designed to meet that function. Here are five interior design basics for first-time homeowners.

  1. Always create a plan. Just like an architect designs blueprints to create a home, you want to use blueprints to design a home. You want to have mock ups for each and every room. You can then think about what kind of furniture can fit inside that room. Typically, a living room of medium size can get away with a long couch and two chairs – so, you would create markers for the couch and chairs in the blueprints. You want to do the same thing for each room.
  2. Don’t be afraid of color. A little color can go a long way, especially if you have a monotone or dark color palette. For instance, a splash of blue can really make a bedroom come to life. Also, color can make a room less boring. So, don’t be scared of choosing fabrics, paint colors or other items that have a strong or loud color. You don’t want to go overboard – just a touch will do.
  3. Mind the height of all furniture. Height is important – not only because your ceiling creates a limit. Height is also important for the sake of dimensionality. For instance, if you have a window, you don’t want to purchase a couch or a headboard that will block any part of the window. The same goes for molding and other details. So, be sure to measure the height of windows so that you have a certain limit for how high certain furniture pieces can be.
  4. Hire a remodeling company for major construction jobs. Hiring a company like The Woodlands Remodeling and Design Services, will allow you to complete bigger jobs in a more professional manner. This is especially the case if you are tearing down walls or trying to open your space. A professional company will be able to give your home a professional touch that you just won’t be able to achieve on your own.
  5. Don’t be afraid of negative space. One of the most important interior design basics that all new homeowners must be aware of is that negative space is not something to fear. For instance, if you leave a certain corner of a room empty, it may give the room a feel of more space. Many people think that they have to fill a room to the brim, but the truth is that a room looks best when it has only the basics.

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