Equestrian Property: 5 Horse Stable Design Tips

If you’re a horse owner and are either looking for new property or just looking to enhance the land you’re already living on, one thing you’ve probably considered building is a new stable for your equestrian friends.  Just so are aware of what a good stable needs in order to suit your horse’s lifestyle and care, we’ve got five tips for you to consider incorporating into your horse stable design below:

Choose the right doors. Something that’s essential to any horse stable design is the doors. As far as materials that you should use, although you are welcome to choose basically any kind that you want, typically stable doors are made out of steel and wood. When it comes to how they open, you can choose swinging or sliding ones. If you opt for swinging doors, remember to design them in such a way that they open out into the alley rather than inside of the stall. Also, so that each horse can exit comfortably, it’s important that the doors are at least 4′ wide when you’re having them designed and built.

Also choose the right stalls. Selecting the right kind of stall depends on your own personal preferences. As far as determining if you should have boxed stalls or loose boxes, either one should be sized between 10′X10′ and 12′X12′. It’s also a good idea that you have at least one foaling stall that is the same size as a regular stall too. And as far as standing or tie stalls, they need to be wide enough for your horses to be able to lie down comfortably inside of. Usually, that’s around 4-5′ wide and 8′ long. Just make sure that you include a manger for hay inside of each stall and if you are designing a tie stall that there is a structure to tie to.

Go with concrete flooring. As you’re looking for the best type of flooring for your horse stable, the most popular one is concrete and with good reason. Not only does it have a roughened surface that makes it harder for horses to slip on, but it’s also easier to clean too. Concrete also helps you can avoid any kind of manure or urine build-up as well, making things more hygienic for your horse.

Add some LED lights. As you’re in the process of completing your horse stable design and you’re purchasing accessories at stores like Treadall Horse Stall Mats Canada , something that you should not forget to pick up are some light bulbs. Although your stable should have a lot of windows to provide natural light, you should still install some LED lights into your overhead fixtures to add more light for night time and for the winter season as well. They are long-lasting plus they are energy-efficient which means that you will save a significant amount on energy costs on an annual basis.

Hire an electrician. There’s one more thing that we think we should mention as it specifically relates to designing a horse stable and that’s making sure that you have all of the electrical wiring that your stable needs. The best way to know if you do is to hire a reputable electrician—one that has worked with stable designs before. For information on how to find a reputable electrician within your area, visit Smart Guy and put “find a good electrician” in the search field.

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