Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring cleaning is well underway as we look to do all we can to erase the memories of some truly catastrophic weather conditions witnessed over the last few months.

Bathrooms can be quite a satisfying part of the household to spring clean as they have recently become a key advertising statement for any homely property.

They have even become one of the perfect places to relax and reflect upon your day with the introduction of bathroom furnishings and various modern character elements.

So in order to have your bathroom looking splendid in time for the summer, take a look at the following list of items you’ll need for your spring cleaning programme and why you’ll need them.bathroom cleaning checklist

A Mop

This pretty much goes without saying. You’ll need a mop for your spring cleaning as the floors will need to look as sparkly as ever. Depending on the flooring, it can often be more beneficial to go for a certain kind of cleaning solution.

Bucket of Soapy Water

The cleaning solution you decide to fill the bucket with is often down to the flooring you have. You can simply go for the standard soap water although there are other options out there. The water must also be hot or at least warm.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a great alternative if you’re looking to remove stains from sinks, baths and toilets. Sift some baking soda onto each bathroom appliance and scrub thoroughly before applying the next product you’ll need.

White Wine Vinegar

White vinegar of any kind is the perfect substance for getting rid of all the last romance of dirt. It also acts as the perfect platform for a disinfectant solution.

Window Cleaner

You can’t use any standard cleaning solution for windows as window cleaner is designed to prevent staining after the cleaning process. Simply spray some window cleaner on the windows and use either a normal cloth or piece of old fabric to wipe them down.

Duster (Long & Short-handed)

The long-handed duster is the perfect option for getting rid of the cobwebs in the corners of the room, especially if you have a larger bathroom than usual. Shorter dusters can be used on wooden surfaces, radiators and anywhere else where dust build up is likely.

Wooden Box

This is quite an interesting alternative to a black plastic bag, especially if you’re covered in clutter rather than rubbish.  You can purchase a wooden box to add decorative value to your bathroom whilst using it to store stranded bathroom products and items.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are essential if you’re regularly handling chemicals, using disinfectant and coming into contact with unclean services. It probably goes without saying as you’ll want to maintain a good level of hygiene at all times throughout the spring cleaning process.

And that’s it! Using the above information you can make an adequate checklist that ensures you’ve covered everything. You’re now only a few cleaning steps away from a refreshed bathroom space.

Carrie Markers is an interior design enthusiast with a particular fondness for modern design bathrooms. To feed her habit she writes on interior design topics for Christopher James Bathrooms.

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