The Risks of Purchasing a Home Without Having an Inspection

Buying a new home is an exciting step. Often is the anticipation of it all, you may want to just zip through the process and get to the closing. One thing you should never skip however is the home inspection. Many people think the home inspection is a waste of money and just another obstacle between the buyer and the home of their dreams. In reality, the inspection is needed because it help to protect the buyer now and in the future. Here is some information about the risks of purchasing a home without having an inspection first.

Many buyers think they can waive the inspection because a house looks fine and intact. Appearances can unfortunately be deciding. Unless you are a professional, it is tough to identify problems or issues that could turn into potential problems later on. If you don’t know what you look for or how to address the problem, you won’t be able to have the seller rectify the issue before you buy.

When you fail to get a home inspection before buying a home, you essentially waive your right to have corrections made to the property. This is ideal for the seller, because they are getting a deal in which they can sell the home “as is” without any other repairs to the home.

While you may be okay for a few month or years, if a problem was unaddressed by a professional, it may surface later on when you already own the property. Once you have closed on the home, it’s too late to get anything from the seller. You will now be responsible for any maintenance or repairs meaning all costs come directly out of your pocket.

If you have gotten an inspection and the professional had identified problems in advance you would have saved a significant amount of money since the seller would have covered al repair costs before closing. This would provide you with less stress and peace of mind knowing your new home is in the best shape possible and meets all of your standards.

Even if there aren’t any major, immediate repairs that need to be made, an inspector can give you more insight into your home as a new homeowner. This person will inspect the electrical, heating and cooling, water, and more. You can learn how your home operates. The inspector can also advise you if you will likely need to replace a water heater or furnace within a few years, so that you can plan for the future and keep an eye on these appliances once you move in.

Getting a home inspection is essential when you are buying a new home. These home inspection tips reveal why the inspection is so important. It protects your investment, saves you money, and ensures you are a well-educated and informed buyer. Be sure to contact a reputable local inspector such as the pros at Buckeye home inspections for the best experience as well as the best results.

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