Simple Home Improvements for Better Indoor Air Quality

If you’re someone who has a hybrid car or makes sure to carpool with friends or co-workers on the way to work this morning, then you are definitely an individual who is doing your part to keep outdoor air pollution down. However, did you know that when it comes to indoor air quality, most of us are breathing what is 3-5 times worse than what’s outside?

In order to help you to keep the air inside of the rooms of your house just as clean as possible, we have offered you five simple home improvement tips for better indoor air quality below:

Add some plants. Something that you can do that will bring warmth to the rooms of your house while also making the air inside of it much cleaner is to add some plants. That’s because there are many published reports which indicate that there are certain kinds of plants that help to pull toxins out of the air. Some of them include the English ivy, the Gerber daisy and also the Snake plant.

Keep your pets clean. If you happen to have a house pet, then they are going to bring a significant amount of dander into your home; especially as it relates to their fur getting onto your furniture and carpet. However, something that you can do to significantly reduce the amount of dander that flies around is to keep your pets clean and trimmed on a consistent basis. Our recommendation is that you take them to a store like PetSmart to do the job for you. Then you won’t have a big clean up to do at your own house.

Make sure air is circulating. For your indoor air quality to be good, something that you’re going to need to do is keep the air circulating. One way that you can do that is by opening up your windows. However, if it happens to be very cold outside, there is another option. You can turn on your ceiling fans. In fact, by setting them to rotate in a counterclockwise position during the wintertime, it can actually help to make your house warmer in the process.

Invest in air purifier. If you happened to do some air quality testing and you discovered that your air quality was not as good as it should be, something else that you could do is invest in an air purifier. Because they are specifically designed to catch the small particles of dirt, dust and dander that are in the air, that can help to decrease you and your family’s allergic symptoms. Plus, it can help you to rest better at night as well.

Do some renovating. Another way to improve your indoor air quality is to do a bit of home renovating. For instance, if you have carpeted floors, because they tend to catch a lot of dirt, dust and dander, you might want to exchange them for hardwood or tile. Another tip to keep in mind is that curtains also attract more pollutants than blinds do; therefore, changing your window treatments is not a bad idea either. Just remember that the less fabric you have, the less pollutants have to stick to. That’s a rule that can help you as your renovate your home in order to make your air quality better than it was before.

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