How Often Should You Change Your AC or Furnace Filters?

There is a good chance that you need to change your air conditioner or furnace filter. In fact, many homeowners completely disregard the fact the filter inside their AC or furnace needs to be changed on a regular basis. When it comes to this simple maintenance steps, changing filters is easy and it won’t take too much time at all. What it will do, though, is ensure that your furnace or air conditioner stays in efficient working condition for longer and it will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the winter or summer when the temperatures outside are particularly extreme. So, how often should you change your AC or furnace filters?

The simple answer is that you should change your filter every month. Ideally – and regardless of your manufacturer’s advisement – you want your filter to never have too much dust or debris building up. There is a good chance that the maker of your AC and furnace unit will recommend that you change the filter every three to four months, but this all depends on a number of different factors. You could follow your manufacturer’s directions – which can usually be found in your user manual – but what happens if your furnace or AC unit starts to break down?

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding to change your filter more regularly is if you live in a region that gets particularly cold or hot during the winter and summer. If you live in a more extreme climate range, there is a good chance that you need to change your filter on a monthly basis. The reason for this is simple: if you are blasting your air conditioner on a more regular basis, you should also be changing your filter to keep up. When you run your system without respite, more dust and debris will start to build up and cause the filter to clog.

However, if you live in a more moderate climate, you can probably get away with changing the filter only a handful of times throughout the year. When you aren’t putting as much strain or impact on your air conditioner and furnace, the filter won’t need to be in action as much. During these times, though, you may want to think about installing an air purifier in your home to collect dirt and dust in the air. This can suck the dust and pollutants out of the air before your air conditioner or furnace can, which can lengthen the amount of time before you need to swap out your old filter.

Lastly, when wondering when you should change the filter of your furnace or air conditioner, there are also a number of extenuating circumstances. For instance, if your air conditioner or furnace starts to emit air, but it’s not cool or warm air, there is a good chance that your filter is at fault. Also, if you smell any strange odors, or hear any strange sounds, there is a high probability that you need to swap out your old filter filler for a new one. In the end, if you want your air conditioner or furnace to work more efficiently, making sure there is a fresh new filter is imperative.

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