5 Safe Pest Control Solutions for Homeowners

One thing that irritates us all are pests. Whether it’s mosquitos, fleas, ants, flies, spiders or even those cute little ladybugs, if there’s one place that we never want to see them, it’s inside of our homes. And yet sometimes, that’s exactly where they end up (especially during the cooler seasons).

And while we could simply call a local exterminator to have them removed, that can get to be pretty expensive. Plus, they oftentimes use chemicals that can prove to be potentially hazardous; especially when it comes to our children and pets.

So, if you would like to know about some things that you can do to control the pests in your home that are safe, affordable and homemade, we’ve got five great remedies for you below:

Go to your kitchen to treat ants. Although, for the most part, ants are pretty much harmless, that doesn’t mean that they are not annoying. Especially when you find them in your kitchen. The good news is that there are several things, right in that room, that can remove them. Being that ants have a natural aversion to cucumbers, consider putting some slices in your entryway. If you notice several of them around your stove, put down a couple of mint tea bags (they can’t stand the smell of that either). And for where there are tons of them, put down a few piles of cornmeal. Their bodies are not able to digest it properly and eventually, the ants expire as a direct result.

Get creative with mosquitos. One of the worst things about summer time are mosquito bites, right? Well, one thing that you can do to keep mosquitos at bay is actually pretty easy: look for water leaks in your home and puddles of standing water outside of it. That’s because they tend to gravitate a lot to moisture. You can also light up a candle in the scent of lavender or citronella to deter them from your house. Other than that, mixing one-part garlic juice with five parts water into a spray bottle and spraying the solution wherever you see them is another way to stop mosquitos dead in their tracks. Literally.

Make your own fly paper. Flies are gross. There’s no doubt about that. But if you would like a remedy other than chasing them around with your handy fly swatter, how about making your own fly paper? All you need to do is cut up some strips on brown kraft paper and let them soak in a solution of ¼ corn syrup, one tablespoon of white sugar and one tablespoon of brown sugar. Take the strips out, let them dry overnight and then hang them up wherever you see flies. They’ll be stuck to the paper in no time.

Use some apple cider vinegar. If you were to ask a pest control company like WATTS Pest Prevention about a natural pest control solution to rid your home of ants, ladybugs and spiders, they might tell you to pour some pure vinegar (preferably apple cider vinegar) into a bottle and spray it directly on those pests. None of them like the smell or the taste and it tends to kill them in a matter of moments.

Try a homemade insect repellant. Are you looking for a solution that will basically get rid of any pest in your house? If so, consider making up your own repellent. All you need to do is combine eight ounces of apple cider vinegar with 45 drops of peppermint and wild orange essential oil into a spray bottle. It’s extremely effective and if you store it in your refrigerator, it can easily last you up to three months. It’s one of the safest ways to keep pests under control.

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