5 Ways to Prevent Home Renovation Projects From Going over Budget

Even if you happen to be a homeowner who is completely in love with your house, there’s still a pretty good chance that there are some things that you’d like to change in either one or a few of the rooms that you have. Not only does updating your home make it look more modern, but certain projects like applying new paint, flooring and eco-friendly additions can add to its property value too.

Of course, making all of these changes will cost money. So, in order to make sure that you don’t break your wallet in the process of completing your home renovations, we wanted to offer you five ways to remodel your home without going over budget below:

Plan ahead. It’s a wise man who once said that haste makes waste and when it comes to a home renovation project, wiser words have never been spoken. By taking six months to a year to plan what you want to do, you can save money, get the kinds of permits that you need and look for vendors that sell materials at a discounted rate. It can also help you to avoid working during the winter season when it’s cold and contractors tend to take time off (due to the holiday season).

Set a realistic budget. The best way to not go over budget is to set one in the first place. In fact, we recommend that before you start pricing out items that you first think about how much you realistically have to spend. If you’ve got $20,000, then you’ll know to look for things that will keep you within that boundary.

Use cash. There are a lot of people who end up spending more than they planned because they rely way too much on their credit cards. And the thing about credit cards is that one, they are a loan and two, they are a loan that comes with interest. That’s why we recommend that you use cash as much as possible. That way, you won’t have to worry about a credit card bill coming in the mail weeks after you make your purchase.

Interview several contractors. One of the biggest home renovation mistakes that people tend to make is hiring a contractor that they end up regretting working with. And when you’re using someone who is unprofessional, doesn’t have the right tools or keeps pushing back their deadlines, that’s definitely going to cost you more money than you would like to spend. So say that you’re considering using a home renovation company like Shank Builders. Before you hire them, make sure you check out their portfolio, that they offer you several referrals, that you can confirm they are licensed and that you get everything in writing. This brings us to our final point.

Draw up a contract. Although you and your contractor may have shook hands on what they’ve agreed to do for your home, handshakes don’t always hold up in court. That’s why it’s important you get a contract written up that you both can sign. That protects both of you in the long run, especially when it comes to handling finances and liabilities. For more information on how to make your home renovations go smoothly, visit HGTV and put “biggest renovating mistakes” in the search field.

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