Modern Home Security Solutions for 2014

One thing that all of us are concerned with is making sure that our homes are a place where we can feel safe at all times. One way to insure that happens is to install a home security system. However, thanks to technology, there are all kinds of other options that are available to you as well. So, as you are looking for other ways to keep your home protected when you’re home and away, we wanted to take out a moment to share with you five of our favorite modern home security solutions for 2014 below. Check these out:

Smart home automation. Just about all of us have seen the AT&T commercial where there’s a couple sitting on the porch, their children drive up and the father asks if they left the house in good condition. Then you see the home and realize that the kids left literally everything on; everything that is except the house alarm. However, from the porch, with a remote, the father is able to enable it. What this is called is smart home automation and hands down, it’s one of the best things to happen to home security in a very long time. That’s because it gives you the ability to control things like your house alarm and your lights from wherever you may be at any given time.

Y-Cam Cube. If you’ve never heard of the Y-Cam Cube, it’s slowly but surely coming to be a favorite modern home security device. It’s camera that connects to the internet so that you can watch and hear everything that the camera does. The picture quality is top-notch and it even comes with a night vision feature. Plus it detects motion and allows you to take freeze frame shots in case you need to provide the police proof of a burglary that transpired.

Alarm Padlock. A padlock is nothing new. But what if you had the kind that sent off a loud noise whenever someone attempted to dismantle it? That’s what an alarm padlock does. Whenever someone makes the attempt to break through it, there is a high-pitch screeching sound that goes off which causes the thief to run off.

Barking Dog Alarm. Say that you were to ask Modern Systems Inc. for an additional thing that you can add to your home security system. Well, something that they might recommend is that you purchase a Barking Dog Alarm. What it does is provide the sound of a dog barking so that if someone attempts to break into your home, they will hear the noise and think twice about entering into your house.

The Fake TV. Finally, something that you can get if you’re on a tight budget or if you simply want to conserve energy is what’s known as The Fake TV. This is a screen that comes complete with LEDs which provides a flickering light that is very similar to that of a television screen. That way, someone who is looking through your windows will be under the impression that you are watching television and will reconsider breaking into your house. For more information on where you can purchase these modern home security solutions, go to your favorite search engine and put their name in the search field.

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