5 Reasons You Should Never Skip an Inspection Before Buying a Home

There are numerous reasons why you should have a home inspected before you get locked into an obligation to buy. However, it is important to understand how big of a responsibility purchasing a home is. It isn’t at all like renting a home – where you can simply call the landlord if there is a leak or a strange smell coming from the wall. When you own a home, you have to make all the repairs yourself. Not only that, but you have to maintain the home to prevent damages from happening in the first place. Yet, if you don’t take the necessary and painless step of having the home inspected, you may be in for a serious ride – and not a good one. Here are five reasons you should never skip an inspection before buying a home.

  1. You’ll know if there is mold or other dangers to your health. A home may look perfectly fine on the outside, but just beneath the walls may be lurking a menace. You never know if a home has mold, lead, or a whole host of other menaces. So, you want to make sure to call a home inspection service – like All-American Home Services Inc. – that specializes in detecting mold and other problems, because purchasing the home may become an even more serious commitment
  2. You’ll have an estimate of your miscellaneous financial obligations. When you purchase your home, you will be doling out cash left and right. It will be a few months until the spigot of endless spending stops, but such is the nature of purchasing a home. However, you want to know if there are any other fiscal responsibilities that you may not be aware of, which is where a home inspection comes in. Having the home reviewed will allow you to have a broader picture of how big of an investment you are about to make.
  3. You’ll determine if the home is up to code. If a home is not up to code, you may be entering both a money pit and a legal pit as well. Many home inspections reveal a lot of secret things that are kept hidden from interested homebuyers. These secret things are often illegal. If your home is not up to code, there could be a safety risk. This is especially important with things like the electrical and plumbing system.
  4. You’ll get a better deal on the home. If you want negotiating chips, having a home inspected is one of the best ways to get a better deal on a certain property. Who knows what you may find during a professional home inspection – it could be a million different things. Whatever they are, it may allow you to lower your offering price and save money.
  5. Know if you should actually purchase the home in the first place. A home may look gorgeous on the outside – and even the inside too – but there could be some problems that are virtually unfixable. For instance, sagging foundation could have compromised the entire structure. If you are not in the market to raze and rebuilt, having the home inspected will allow you to back out at the last moment and not waste any more money.

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