5 Tips for Clearing an Overgrown Backyard

Often yards can get out of control if you aren’t able to keep up with the regular maintenance. Many people lose control, and then want to reclaim their outdoor space so that they can enjoy it for entertainment or relaxation purposes. Instead of just living with a messy, unusable backward space, reclaim your yard and clean it up! Here are 5 of the best and most effective tips for clearing an overgrown backyard.

  1. Cut back all of the weeds first by using a string trimmer or another type of weed cutter. Try working by cutting in straight rows. This method will help to keep you organized while making sure that the project is more manageable and easy to control. Once you finished with the third or fourth row, be sure to rake up the cut weeds and collect them into a lawn bag or put them into a compost pile. Continue to cut in rows and pick up the debris as you go along to compartmentalize the project and make it simpler to take on.
  2. You may then want to remove overgrown, unneeded shrubs in your backyard. If you are keeping some, trim them to make sure they are neat and maintained. Then, decide which ones you want to remove. You should trim these as well and then tie them to bind the branches, bundling them with twine. Dispose of these parts as waste. Then, you will also need to remove the shrub bulb by digging it up. Finally, fill in the space with top soil. Remove shrubs one at a time to stay organized and to contain the project.
  3. Mow your lawn. Use the highest setting for the best results. Rake up the clippings to keep the lawn neat and bag them in a garden bag to dispose of them or put them into a compost pile. To get your lawn under control, you can even mow again the next day on a lower setting to ensure the grass is off to a good start as it grows back in.
  4. Neaten up your garden’s flower beds. Rake the soil to bring up fresh dirt. Also remove the top growth and any weeds you may see growing in. Make sure garden bed lines are established and clear. Also make sure that any vines are completely removed so that your flowers and plants can grow in strong and healthy.
  5. Consider the condition of trees in your backyard. Some may need to be trimmed incase they are dangerous. Often branches can get too close to the house and could potentially fall, harming people or ruining the condition of your roof. You should hire a professional pruning service to make sure that all dangerous branches are removed quickly and safely and to neaten the tree’s appearance.

Clearing your overgrown backyard, is a large project, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you have a method and a plan, you will be able to quickly and efficiently clean up the space and reclaim your backyard. You should be sure to incorporate landscape design and use effective products on your fresh, mown lawn such asĀ Blay’z Turf Pro.

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