5 Easy Ways to Save More Energy and Water at Home in 2014

Now is the perfect time to start taking measures to save more energy and water. Indeed, our precious resources are often being tapped out – they are also negatively affecting the air we breathe. For instance, every time we run our air conditioning system, we are effectively putting multiple tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Not to mention, for every minute we take a shower, we are effectively wasting multiple gallons of water. In regions where reservoirs rely on rainwater, it is critical that we take measures to conserve water. Here are five ways to save more energy and water at home in 2014.

  1. Take shorter showers. If you take a ten-minute shower, you should try cutting down your shower time in half. The shorter your showers, the less water you will waste. If you really want to conserve water, you may want install a low flow shower head, which will drastically cut down how much water is released. Many people take for granted their water supply, but the truth is that water isn’t ubiquitous – it is a resource that can be rapidly depleted.
  2. Replace your incandescent lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs. LED lightbulbs take far less electricity and energy to light up. Because of this, they are far more energy efficient. If you want to save energy, you may want to think about swapping out all your old incandescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs. There are a wide variety of LED bulbs – some even mimic the dimming capabilities of incandescent bulbs. When it comes down to it, some LED bulbs are even more energy efficient that CLF bulbs, so you may want to swap those out too.
  3. Make sure that your heating and air conditioning system is maintained. This is possibly one of the simplest methods to save energy this year, because maintaining your heating and air conditioning system is quite easy. For instance, you want to make sure that you swap out the filter and you want to make sure there is no debris in the outdoor unit, which is important if you have a heat pump. When you areĀ troubleshooting heat pump problems, there is a good chance that it is the filter or debris in your outdoor unit that is causing your issue.
  4. Place insulation on your hot water heater. Another great way to save water and energy is to place insulation over your hot water heater. Insulation will make your hot water heater stay warmer for longer, which means that you don’t need to sit around waiting for your water to warm up when you are trying to take a shower in the morning.
  5. Unplug vampire appliances. Despite its foreboding name, vampire appliances won’t hurt anything but your wallet, and possibly the environment. These appliances include computers, cellphones – anything that needs to be plugged in to charge. Even when these appliances are done charging, they are still sucking energy, so make sure to unplug them and you will save a significant amount of energy.

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