Top 5 Wintertime Snow and Ice Removal Tips for Homeowners

The wintertime can be a beautiful time of the year – if only there wasn’t so much snow on the ground. For homeowners, snow poses a big challenge. For instance, snow that builds up on your roof can cause roof collapse, especially if there is a lot of ice mixed in. So, it is critical that you take measures to remove the ice and snow from the roof. Not only that, but snow can build up in your driveway and walkway, which can make pulling your vehicle in and out incredibly frustrating. You also have to worry about ice and snow building up around your home, which can increase the risk for leaks and water damage. Here are the top five wintertime snow and ice removal tips for homeowners.

  1. Use melting salts for your driveway. If you want to ensure that your driveway is clear of fallen snow, you may want to line it with melting salts, which will evaporate the snow as soon as it hits the ground. If you are tired of constantly having to dig your vehicle out of the driveway, you may want to head down to your local home improvement store to purchase some a couple containers of melting salts.
  2. Use the power of a UTV to remove heavy snow from your driveway and walkways. If you just went through a blizzard and you have a large amount of snow in your driveway, you may want to invest in a UTV. A UTV or utility task vehicle with a snowplow extension will allow you to remove large amount of snow and ice easily and efficiently. When it comes down to it, if you live in a region where snowfall is heavy, purchasing a UTV may be an excellent investment. Just make sure that you study theĀ UTV guide carefully, because UTV maintenance is essential.
  3. Don’t use sharp ice picks on your driveway or roof. You may have extremely thick ice on your roof and driveway, but you should not use sharp ice picks, because that can wind up doing more damage. This is especially the case on your roof, because an ice pick could cause a cave in, which could be extremely expensive to fix.
  4. Use a soft rake or wide broom to remove snow from your roof. When you are removing large amount of snow from your roof, you want to gently brush it off and let it fall onto a safe area on the ground. All you have to do is gently push the broom forward and backwards and the snow should gently fall off. When your ladder is against the side of the home, make sure to be extremely cautious.
  5. Create a barrier between the snow and your home. If too much snow builds up around your home, it could present a risk for major water damage. So, after a major snowstorm, make sure that you dig a space – about a few feet – between the snow bank and your home. The last thing you want is for the snow and ice to melt and cause water damage inside your home.

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