5 Wintertime Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Many people don’t realize this, but the wintertime is one of the most important times of the year to diligently maintain your pool. When you aren’t using your swimming pool, water can become stagnant and leaves can start to build up, which can make your filter run on overdrive. However, it isn’t only leaves that you have to worry about – you also have to worry about bugs, critters and bacteria that can find your pool and make it the perfect place to hibernate. So, if you don’t want to deal with these issues when you finally want to use your swimming pool again – you want to make sure that you take maintenance very seriously in the wintertime. Here are five wintertime swimming pool maintenance tips.

  1. Get a good swimming pool cover. When it comes down to it, simply tying down some tarp, or holding the tarp down with rocks, will not do the trick. It is ideal to invest in a professional pool cover that is specially created to cover pools. For instance, Splash Super Center has numerous pool covers that will make sure to keep your pool safe and protected in the wintertime.
  2. Make sure to clean the leaves and detritus off your pool covers. Once you get a pool cover, you want to take measures to make sure nothing is weighing the pool cover down. You can actually damage or tear your pool cover if there are too many leaves or snow for that matter. When it comes down to it, if you want your pool cover to do its job, you’ll need to rake off whatever may be building up on your pool cover every couple of days. Snow can be especially heavy and damaging.
  3. Clean out the strainer baskets. You can usually find your swimming pool strainer baskets along the edge of your pool. These strainer baskets actually catch all the detritus that fall into your pool. Basically, little filters along the edge of your pool push this detritus into these baskets. So, you’ll need to make sure to clean out these baskets on a weekly basis. If you live in an area that is especially windy, you may need to clean the strainer baskets twice a week.
  4. Make sure that your pool water is being pumped and circulated. Even when you are not using your pool, you want to make sure that the water is being circulated thoroughly. The last thing you want is for algae and bacteria to build up, which can happen in stagnant water. So, be sure to turn on your pump for a few hours a day – every couple of days.
  5. Check your pool’s chemistry. Your pool has a fine balance of chemicals to keep the water clean. So, in order to make sure the chemicals are working, you want to make sure that you test the water’s pH balance. If you notice that the chemicals are off, you may want to add more. In the end, you don’t want to over-chlorinate your pool, but you do want to make sure there is enough to keep it clean.

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