5 Ways to Generate Off-Grid Power for Your Home

Energy and electricity are continuously getting more and more expensive for homeowners. Too often we spend way too much money and waste tons of energy in our homes. For these reasons and more, many homeowners are choosing to switch to alternative energy forms in order to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources. Here are 5 ways that you can generate off-grid power for you home.

  1. Switch to solar power energy. To live off the grid, you will need to choose a stand-alone power solution as your system type. There are also grid-connected options, but these defeat the purpose of going off the grid. Stand-alone systems are the ultimate form of sustainability since you will be able to find the source of every watt of energy your generate and use.
  2. Use a wind turbine. Depending on where you live, wind turbines can actually be even more effective and cost efficient than solar powered energy. These will need fairly regular, consistent wind to work properly. Homes in wide-open spaces, with fewer things obstructing or blocking the wind will benefit most from wind turbines. You can often find fairly inexpensive commercial solution available on the market.
  3. You could also look into the use of micro-hydro generators. There are a wide variety of technologies available. You can make your own homemade propeller by connecting a car alternator to an engineered system. This is most efficient and practical if you like right on a riverfront.
  4. You could use a standalone generator as well. These are often used as backup generators for emergencies when there is a disaster or a blackout and grid energy is not available. They also work if there is no grid or if you want to live off the grid by choice. These often run on a wide variety of fuels and they are available in different sizes and capacities to suit your needs. These can be expensive if you need to power a large space.
  5. Use battery power. There are many different kinds of batteries available depending on what you are looking for. Wet cells are often the most common however they need to be serviced frequently. There are also gel batteries, which work only for smaller solutions. Then you have absorbed glass mat batteries, which are expensive but effective. Determine your need first before selecting a battery to ensure it is right for your needs.

If you think that switching to alternative energy sources and living off the grid may be right for you, be sure to do your research and explore various options. There are many energy sources as well as items on the market from companies likeĀ Renogy that can help you like a more sustainable lifestyle. You have so many different choices and can select to use solar power, wind turbines, micro-hydro generators, standalone generators and batteries. Each source has various pros as well as cons so you need to assess your home, location and needs carefully before investing.

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