5 Summertime Bug and Insect Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Warm summer months means more time will be spent outdoors! Summer is also the season when bugs breed and spread throughout your yard and can even infest your home! Luckily, with proper preparation you can be proactive and keep bugs and pests at bay all summer long. Here are 5 of the best summertime bug and insect prevention tips for all homeowners.

  1. Keep your yard clean and tidy. A clean yard not only looks nice and appealing, but it can also help to ward off unwanted bugs and insects. Pests like to feed off of unkept yards with leaves and grass. Be sure to mow your lawn regularly, rake and pick up all leaves and debris and even remove any still, stagnant water that could breed bugs like mosquitos. Keeping bugs out of your yard will reduce the chance that they will make their way into your home.
  2. Be sure to prepare your pets for their time outside. Often outdoor cats and dogs can bring pests back inside with them from the great outdoors. Prevent this by giving your pets flea and tick medications each month. This not only keeps them safe and healthy, but it will also protect your home and your family.
  3. Install screens on all windows and exterior doors of your home. Screens act as an extra barrier and they filter out any wanted debris and especial keep out bugs! Using screens allows you to still open windows and doors when wanted so that you can enjoy a cool summer evening breeze.
  4. Seal up windows and doors. First, be sure to always close unscreened does and windows completely. Then, try to seal around the edges of winnows and doors with a sulk to close holes and cracks that may develop in these areas. This will keep bugs out and can actually help to make your home more energy efficient too!
  5. Finally, never leave out food! If you enjoy a picnic outside, always clean up food right away so that it will not attract bugs and pests to your property. Also, close up food inside your home too since bugs will sense these items. Put all food in the fridge, cabinets or in tightly sealed jars on your countertops. The less incentive for bug to come in, the fewer you will have!

Instead of constantly worrying about pests all summer long, you can proactively reduce the number of pests in or around your home by planning ahead and making smart choices. Always clean up your yard and keep it tidy, protect your outdoor pets with flea and tick prevention medications, install screens for all exterior windows and doors, seal windows and doors with caulk to reduce holes and gaps, and finally always clean up ay food so it cannot attract bugs and insects. You may ask choose to use a pest control product such asĀ Powderpost Beetle Control Treatments and Spray for the best results that are effective and long lasting throughout the summer season!

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