Top 5 Marble Floor and Countertop Cleaning Tips

Marble is a gorgeous, durable material that is often used for flooring or countertops. Due to its aesthetic and practical appeal, marble is also a large investment. In order to properly care for your marble and keep it in optimal condition, it is essential that you maintain and care for it properly. Here are the top 5 marble floor and countertop cleaning tips.

  1. Be sure to avoid habits that can lead to stains or marks on the marble. If anything spills, especially and acidic liquid, be sure to clean it up right away– never wait! Also, avoid leaving glasses directly on the counter. Always use a coaster or clean the area thoroughly after setting the glass in that specific area. Frequently wash marble to reduce the negative impacts of glasses or spills by wiping the counters down with a towel and hot water.
  2. A few times each year you can do a more thorough clean. Do so by mixing some warm water with dishwashing soap. After washing with the soap, wipe it down again with just water to remove the soap and rinse it clean. Then wipe id down with a dry cloth to finish.
  3. Use a wax to protect the floors or counters. A light wax coating will help to seal the marble and protect it from wear or use in your home. Always be sure to use a colorless wax. If your marble is white, however, you should never wax it because it can actually harm the marble and eventually turn it yellow. For any marble you can apply a specifically formulated marble sealer to protect without the use of wax. This is ideal for white marble especially since it will not alter the coloring.
  4. If your marble has lost its shine and luster, you can restore it with a marble cleaner and polish. Often commercial grade products will provide you with the best value as well as the best results. Commercial marble cleaners typically work much faster and more effectively than regular marble cleaning kits for better results.
  5. If you have serious stains from things like coffee, tea or wine, you can wash marble with a different solution. Mix some ammonia with 20 percent hydrogen peroxide solution. This will help to bust these tough stains and restore the color and quality of your marble so it can look like new again! Plus, this solution is easy to make with item you have in your home so you don’t need to buy fancy products from the store or marble factory.

Keeping your marble clean and intact does not have to be difficult. As long as you regularly clean it and work hard to protect the surface, you will enjoy many years of gorgeous countertops and floors in your home. Be sure to clean regularly, use coasters, polish or wax, and use solutions to remove stains as soon as possible. Whether you purchased your marble fromĀ Marble & Granite Works or from a local business, these tips will help significantly.

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