5 Kitchen Design Tips to Maximize Space

The kitchen is often the most frequently used home in a home. This is where meals are cooked and families gather, and so this space is especially important. When designing a new kitchen in your house, there are many factors to consider since you want this space to fulfill all of your needs and preferences. Not only do you want to build and arrange an attractive space, but you also want the kitchen area to be functional and practical. Unfortunately space restrictions can sometimes impede the workspace and accessibility of your kitchen. Here are 5 kitchen design tips to help you maximize space and design the kitchen you’ve always imagined.

  1. If you have an empty wall, don’t waste that space on decorations like pictures or paintings. Instead, optimize this space and use it to incorporate new storage. Ideally, you should dedicate this free wall to storage and install a floor to ceiling storage area for ample space that will not comprise the rest of your kitchen areas.
  2. Choose multipurpose furniture as often as possible. Instead of just having a traditional dining room or kitchen table, you can find an option that has storage as well, such as a small island counter or a compact banquet setup. Another idea is to buy or build a wheeled cart that can serve as extra counter space, a table for meals and even a desk space as needed!
  3. Try to purchase smaller appliances. Instead of buying a huge refrigerator or microwave, consider opting for smaller appliances that do the same job! If refrigerator space is small, but you still need ample refrigerator or freezer space, consider buying another freezer or refrigerator to keep in your basement or garage. This way you can still keep your foods cool without sacrificing space or storage.
  4. If you are installing new cabinets, consider using open cabinets without doors for a few of your cabinet options. Once the doors and hinges are removed, you can then buy baskets or bins that can easily store and organize your items. This will look great and add a personal, unique touch that stands out from other cookie-cutter kitchen spaces!
  5. If you have extra wall space, consider hanging floating shelves. Floating shelves are easy to install and can be hung in a few short hours. You can buy them inexpensively at any local home and garden center. These floating shelves will add lots of interest and style to your home, and they can also store beautiful plates or other items that are useful but also attractive. These won’t take up any valuable space but will be useful and can add some charm to your kitchen space.

Implementing any or all of these design tips into your kitchen space will allow you to optimize your work and storage space while also enhancing the aesthetics of the room. Be sure to use empty walls for added storage spaces, choose multi functional furniture, buy smaller appliances, install open cabinets, and install floating shelves. You can find ideas like these as well as other helpful storage solutions online or at local, exotic home expo events!

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