5 Ways to Prevent Thieves From Entering Your Home

Every time that we leave our homes to go to work or to head out for vacation, one thing that we definitely don’t want to return to is evidence that someone has broken into our house. Not only is it an extreme invasion of our privacy but trying to retrieve what has been lost can oftentimes be a long and sometimes even costly endeavor.

In our efforts to keep you from ever having to go through such a taxing ordeal, we wanted to give you five ways to prevent thieves from entering into your home. By using these effective tips, you can have confidence in the fact that when you return to your house, it will be just as you left it.

Purchase a house alarm. If you don’t already have a house alarm, you should consider getting one. We say this because out of all of the tips that we’ll share in this article, this is definitely the best one. Alarms are designed to go off any time it detects someone is trying to enter into your home which means that whether you’re gone for eight hours or eight days, you are well protected.

Do some landscaping. Usually, when we think of why it’s a good idea to landscape our yards, it’s simply for the sake of boosting up our curb appeal. But the reality is that by pruning the trees and trimming the bushes that are in front of your windows and doors, it makes it harder for a thief to hide behind. We definitely recommend doing it.

Get your windows tinted. If you’re looking for a way to protect your home and also help you to save on energy costs, having your windows professionally tinted can accomplish both goals. The great thing about window tinting is that it helps to shield the sun’s glare, prevents your furniture and carpeted flooring from fading and most importantly, it makes it easy for you to look out of your windows while keeping onlookers from looking in. This way, it will be hard for a potential burglar to see what they might be interested in stealing.

Buy a solid front door. All of us have seen a television show or movie in which someone approached a door and with their feet, they were able to kick it open. This wouldn’t be quite so easy if they were trying to do it to a solid wooden door. So, if you don’t already have one, especially for your front door, it’s an investment worth making. Plus, they’re pretty to look at too.

Install a couple of deadbolts. Speaking of doors, something else that we recommend you do for both your front and back doors is to having a couple of deadbolts installed. That way, if your door is not deep enough into your doorframe, this will provide it with some extra coverage. Although there are websites that can walk you through the process of how to put one on yourself, you might want to call a locksmith company such asĀ Bump My Lock to do it. They are professionally trained to install deadbolts so that you can feel extra safe—when you’re home and also when you’re not.

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