5 Design Tips to Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

Many homes have low ceilings that can make your space feel cramped, closed in, and tight. While you likely cannot do much to structurally change the height of your ceilings, you can use some design tips and tricks to help make the ceilings appear to be higher than they actually are. Here are 5 ways that you can make your ceiling look higher for a more open and airy feel in your home.

  1. Give your ceiling more height by painting the walls white or a light color. Often white is said to be an ideal color choice for rooms with low ceilings since it reflects the most light, and it will give a space a sense of expansiveness and increased height. You may also choose a light color of paint such as a pale blue, but try to stick within the cool tone family, especially those that are pastel.
  2. Vertical patterns can help make ceilings seem taller. Painting vertical stripes on your wall, or using striped wallpaper can help you achieve this effect easily and effectively. The stripes will work to direct the eye upwards, giving the optical illusion and appearance that that walls are taller and that the ceiling is higher up than it actually is.
  3. Try to eliminate any features that hang down or protrude too low in the room with a low ceiling since this can emphasize the low stature of the ceiling. If items are hanging low, they can give the room a feel of being closer to the ground level, shrinking the ceiling height appearance and adding to the closed in feeling of a space. Instead, try to avoid using anything that hangs such as ceiling fans, heavy crown molding, or hanging overhead lighting. You can choose to use wall lighting instead of overhead lighting to help make the space seem larger, or you can use recessed lighting that will not hang.
  4. Use window furnishing to give the room a sense of height. Use floor length drapes to not only add some style but also to add some height. When hanging curtains, don’t hang them right where the top of the window rests. Instead, attach the rod a few inches higher and hang that drapes up there. This will draw the eye upward, making windows feel larger and making the ceilings seem further away and higher up.
  5. Hang artwork up high on your walls to add height to your ceilings. This trick helps to guide the eye upward, giving a taller impression. Choose artwork with some vertical lines instead of horizontal shapes to maintain that uplifted feeling. You can also hang mirrors in your room to make the ceilings look higher and to make the overall space seem more spacious and larger. Choose a large mirror that takes up the majority of a wall. This will act as a focal point for the room.

Instead of feeling trapped, cramped or tight in your home living space, use these design elements to help open up your space so that it is a more enjoyable room to entertain or relax in. These tricks and tips as well asĀ tin ceiling express will work to transform your space from a tight, small space with low ceilings to an open, airy, vibrant room with a ceiling that seems much taller than it actually is.

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