5 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Appliance Shopping Tips

Unless you are someone who had your home built from the ground up, there’s a pretty good chance that when you first moved into your house, there were appliances already inside of your kitchen. But, as time has passed, whether your refrigerator is making strange sounds, your dishwasher is leaking more than you would like or your stove does not having as much space as you need, you might find yourself in the market for some new kitchen appliances.

Well, in order to make sure that you are able to get what you need without spending a ton of money in the process, we wanted to provide you with five budget-friendly kitchen appliance shopping tips below:

Get last year’s model. Just like with cars, appliances tend to come out with a new model on an annual basis. And while the very latest one may have a new feature or two, usually they are not the kind that’s worth paying an extra couple of hundred dollars for. That’s why our recommendation is to forego purchasing the latest model that’s on the market and to go with last year’s instead. You’re sure to save a few dollars if you do.

Look for the sales. Appliances go on sale on a fairly regular basis. It’s all about spending some time to research when that is. So whether it’s Sears, HH Gregg or another store in your area, subscribe to their email list so that you can receive information on their sales and also coupons that they offer to those on their distribution list.

Consider an Energy Star appliance. As more people are becoming energy efficient, many individuals are replacing the appliances that they currently have with ones that have an Energy Star label on them. Although initially they tend to be pricier than many other appliances that are on the market, being that they can save you as much as 30-40 percent each year on energy costs, it really does prove to be a wise investment in the long run.

Be open to buying package deal. If you happen to need a new refrigerator and stove but you’re wondering if you can afford both of them, you might if the store is offering some kind of package deal. The good news is that it’s not an uncommon thing for appliance stores to do. That’s because many retailers tend to bundle up some of their items and sell them together in order to increase their profits. So, if you see two appliances that you like, ask the customer service associate if there are any deals that are directly associated with them. You might be pleasantly surprised by their response.

Don’t overlook the floor models. Say that you’re shopping for a new stove at a store likeĀ Premier Appliance. If you see a floor model that you like, don’t hesitate to ask the sales associate if it’s for sale. More times than not it is and you can easily save yourself 25-30 percent compared to what it would cost to buy one that is packaged up. And being that you can still get the warranty that comes with the “really new” ones, it can be a win/win all the way around. Good luck!

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