5 Winter Tree Trimming and Maintenance Tips

Typically, when we think of doing landscaping, especially as it relates to the trees that we have in our yard, we assume it’s something that’s reserved for the spring and summer seasons. But the reality is that if you want your trees to bloom beautifully throughout the warmer months, you can have to make sure to properly care for them during the cooler seasons. This would include trimming your trees and providing them with the maintenance that they need.

If you’d like some tips on how you can take good care of your trees this coming winter, we have five great ones for you to check out below:

Put some mulch around your trees. As the air gets colder, the ground tends to get harder as a direct result. When this happens, it can be hard for the roots of your trees to get the kind of nutrients that they need. One way to combat this is to put some organic mulch around the trunk of all of the trees in your yard. Not only will it help to protect your trees from harsh weather elements but it will also help them to retain the water that they need as well.

Water them too. There’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t seen a lot of people in your neighborhood watering their trees in the wintertime but it’s actually a really smart thing to do. Just make sure that you do it when the ground isn’t frozen (which means preferably when the temperature is above freezing). That way, the water can penetrate the soil.

Do some pruning. Just because your trees may have lost all of their leaves, that doesn’t mean that their branches aren’t still growing. For this reason, you have to make sure that you also prune your trees during the wintertime. As a matter of fact, many landscapers prefer pruning at winter because without the leaves, the deadwood is easier to see.

Wrap the base of the trees. As ice and snow start to accumulate, it can oftentimes lead to branch breakage and splitting. Something that you can do to avoid this is to wrap the base of your trees with some hard plastic or burlap. It’s an effective way to prevent temperature damage from taking place. Just make sure that once spring comes and the temperature rises that you remove the wraps. Otherwise, it could dry out the bark of the tree and still cause damage.

Remove leaves from around the tree areas. According to companies like the Minnesota Tree Surgeons, although fallen leaves look pretty on the ground during the fall season, once the winter season rolls around, they’re not nearly as attractive. Plus, when dead leaves are left on the ground, not only does it keep the grass by the trees from getting the sunlight that it needs, but it can also cause disease-prone trees like dogwoods and crabapples to get “infected”. So, before the first big snowfall of the season comes, be sure to give your yard a good raking. Come springtime, both your trees as well as your lawn will be eternally grateful that you did.

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