5 Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is approaching once again, it’s time to get ready for all of the enjoyment and also preparation that it brings. Time to pull out the dessert recipes. Time to untangle the Christmas lights. And of course, time to do a lot of holiday shopping, which also means that it’s time to take some extra special precautions when it comes to keeping our homes safe over the next several weeks.

If you would like some security tips that can give you the peace of mind that you and all that you hold dear will be well protected this year, we have five things that you can do to help you to achieve that goal below:

Be careful with your Christmas tree. Putting a tree in the front of one of your main windows can be a beautiful sight to behold but at the same time, it can also send a clear message to any potential burglars of exactly where your newly purchased merchandise is. That’s why our recommendation is that you put it someone away from the windows like perhaps a corner of a room. It will still be a nice decor addition but one that won’t leave your house quite so vulnerable.

Install some motion lights. The reason why a lot of thieves prefer to operate at night is because it’s harder for them to be seen in the dark. That’s not so much the case, though, when you have motion lights around your house. It’s definitely a wise investment for any home.

Lock your windows. A very simple thing that you can do to keep the rooms of your house secure is to lock your windows; especially the ones on the first floor. It’s something that many of us inadvertently fail to do but can prove to be a real lifesaver. Also, be sure to keep your curtains or blinds closed when you’re not at home and late at night. It prevents strangers from being able to look directly into your house.

Don’t put valuables (and gifts) in obvious places. If someone were to ask you about the first place a burglar tends to go when they first break into another person’s home, what’s the room that you would guess? If you said bedroom, then you are exactly right. So, when it comes to your jewelry, cash and Christmas presents, put forth the concerted effort to store them somewhere else, especially during the holiday season. Oh, and if you were thinking the garage or basement, try and not choose those either. Some place like the attic is more ideal.

Get an alarm. If you don’t currently own a house alarm, make it a gift that you give to yourself, your family and your house this season. Alarm companies likeĀ Alert America have products that are specifically designed to be able to sensor when an intruder is trying to enter into your home whether you’re there or away. Sure, they cost a few more dollars, but trust us, you’ll sleep extra soundly this year knowing that yours is on. Happy Holidays!

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