5 Common Homeowner Misconceptions About Solar Power

Solar power has been around for a few decades – and the technology hasn’t change much – but people are just recently exploring the option as an alternative source of energy and power. Perhaps this is because of the global warming or the economy, but more and more people are biting the bullet and investing in solar power to run their homes. However, there is still a large contingency of people that are holding back, or that are afraid of making the leap. Most of the hesitance is due to a number of myths and rumors about solar power, but many of them are untrue. Here are five common homeowner misconceptions about solar power.

  1. Solar power won’t work when the sun isn’t out. The truth is that solar panels work great in foggy and overcast weather – and in regions where overcast and foggy weather is the norm. Solar panels don’t rely on bright sunshine, they rely on certain rays that the sun produces that can cut right through dense fog. Also, solar panels store energy for a couple of days, so you don’t need to worry about running out. Moreover, today’s photolytic cells are much more powerful and well built.
  2. Solar power doesn’t need to be tied to the electrical power grid. This is partly true, but mostly false. Most homes that are equipped with solar panels are still tied into the power grid, but rely very little on that power as a source of energy. Basically, your solar panels store a certain amount of energy during the day and then at night the surplus energy gets put back into power grid so other homes can enjoy the source of energy you have provided. At night or in the instances where need to rely on the power grid, you won’t have to pay for it, because you can receive credits for all the surplus energy you have given back.
  3. Solar panels require constant maintenance. This is another big myth. The truth is that solar panels need almost no maintenance. In fact, you could leave your solar panels up there for years without touching them. Some companies recommend that you hose them down once or twice a year to keep their efficiency, but you don’t actually have to. When it comes down to it, you will only lose a few percentage points of efficiency.
  4. Solar paneling is too expensive. Yes, solar paneling can be expensive to install, but the money you make back can be significant. By installing solar paneling, you can benefit fromĀ heating and cooling systems tax credits and other tax incentives. Not only that, but you can also get grants from the government for all the energy you save. In a few years, your solar panels will pay for themselves.
  5. Solar paneling is ugly and burdensome. In the old days this might have been true, but these days contractors and architects can find really unique ways to incorporate solar energy panels into your home. If you are building a new home, you might want to incorporate solar energy into the blueprint designs.

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