Central Vs. Portable Humidifiers: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Have you been recently thinking about getting a humidifier for your home? If so, we feel that it is a very smart thing to do because with them come plenty of advantages. Being that humidifiers are specifically designed to provide your home with a healthy level of moisture within the air, getting one can result in you having increased levels of oxygen, a lower risk of nosebleeds and asthma issues, easier times going to sleep, lower heating bills (because there will be more humidity in the air) and even softer skin.

If this has convinced you to go out and purchase one, perhaps you’re wondering if it’s wiser to get a central humidifier or a couple of portable ones instead. Honestly, there are some benefits that come with both options and so in the effort to help you make the best personal decision, we’ll share with you some of the pros and cons of each below:

The Pros and Cons of Having a Central Humidifier

One of the main benefits that come with having a central humidifier is the fact that once you have it installed, it’s not something that you have to concern yourself with because it’s literally integrated into the blower system of your furnace. This means that it requires very little maintenance and it can keep your entire home at a set humidity level all of the time. Plus, because it is actually pulling water from your plumbing, you don’t have to question if it’s working. Also, the initial fee tends to be much lower than what portables will run you. That said, you still may have to pay a professional to come and install it and because they do have a tendency to collect mineral deposits, you will have to remind yourself to clean it out diluted white vinegar each season to prevent the deposits from hardening within the drains.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Portable Humidifier

As you probably already guessed, a portable humidifier is the kind that is free-standing so that you can move it from one room to another. They each come with their own water supply and you can easily plug them into virtually any outlet inside of your home. The perks of having this kind of humidifier is if you live in a smaller place, you are renting a house or apartment or you only find it necessary to have one in a couple of rooms of your house, a portable one is ideal over a central humidifier (as a matter of fact, if you get a portable one and anĀ electronic air cleaner, your home can have the perfect tools for optimal air quality). Another bonus is that portable humidifiers are very easy to operate. As far as the reasons why you might want to reconsider getting one, the main deterrent is the cost because as we previously mentioned, they are significantly more than a central humidifier is. Another thing to keep in mind is that they tend to be louder than central ones, plus they require a bit more maintenance. As a matter of fact, some of them require that you refill them with water on an almost daily basis. But if you want the kind of humidifier that you can roll throughout the various rooms of your house and that you can even take with you should you move out of your home, you will want to go with a portable humidifier. For more information on where to get quality humidifiers, go to ConsumerReports.org and put “top humidifier reviews” in the search field.

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