5 Highly Desirable Home Upgrades

As a homeowner, there are many upgrades you may consider to add to your home to add beauty, practicality, and charm. With so many options available to consumers in the home improvement industry, it is often difficult to decide which home improvements will be the most effective, practical, and appealing investments. Here are 5 of the most highly desirable home upgrades.

  1. Stainless steel appliances can transform any kitchen space, allowing it to look more modern and less dated. When buying kitchen appliances, be sure to look for a nice stainless steel option for your refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, microwave and other items. Keeping all appliances uniform by choosing all stainless steel will give your kitchen a cohesive, neat look. While stainless steel may cost a bit more upfront, it will be sure to add value to your home. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, most buyers are looking for kitchens with stainless steel features as a standard.
  2. Kitchens are often where your improvements and upgrades will pay off the most. Granite countertops are a feature that almost all homeowners look for and want in their homes. These surfaces are long lasting, durable and look fantastic, adding lots of sophistication to any kitchen space.
  3. Another desirable upgrade is to add a complete, walk-in closet to the master bedroom. Walk-in closets provide homeowners with a feeling of higher status. It is a feature that can add luxury to any home right away. Plus it can maximize your storage space and allow you to easily access your clothes and items in an organized and efficient manner.
  4. Central air conditioning is another feature that most homeowners deem a necessity. While, it is an expensive investment, it will increase the value of your home significantly. In addition, it helps to effectively and energy-efficiently maintain the comfort of your home all summer long. Look for energy efficient models backed by Energy Star for the best results, and energy savings each month. Often these savings will help to offset the initial investment.
  5. Finally, hardwood floors are a home upgrade that all homeowners look for. If you have original hardwood floors in your home hidden under carpeting or other flooring, consider exposing them and having them restored and stained by a professional. If you do not already have hardwood floors, you should consider installing them the next time you need to re-do your floors. They add value to any home, plus they will easily warm up your space. Also, hardwood floors are easier to clean and will not absorb stains or dirt and debris like carpeting.

Aside from structural or necessary home improvements like adding attic insulation, there are many aesthetically pleasing and practical home upgrades you may consider for your home. Including additions such as granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, central air conditioning, and hardwood floors will help to improve the appearance of your home, while also providing you with a significant return on your initial investments since the value of your home will increase with these changes. Including these highly desirable home changes can insure that you are investing wisely in quality upgrades for your home that you will also enjoy tremendously for years to come.

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