5 Smart Summer Energy Saving Tips

Every time the summer season rolls around, many of us brace ourselves for the energy bills that will be awaiting us. That’s because when it’s hot outside, we tend to really rely on our air conditioning units to keep us cool.

Yet did you know that there are some things that you can do that will actually help to keep your energy costs down, even during the peak summer season? If you’re looking for a few smart summer energy saving tips, we have five really great ones for you below:

Keep the lights off (when you’re not using them). When we have our overhead lighting and lamps on, whether we realize it or not, they tend to radiate a significant amount of heat. That’s why, in the rooms that you’re not using, it’s important to make sure that the lights are turned off. In the rooms that you are, only use the ones that are absolutely necessary.

Cook outside. If there’s one appliance that can cause quite a bit of heat, it would have to be our stoves/ovens. Just think about it: when you’re baking something at 350 degrees for an hour at a time, that is bound to make the kitchen and the rooms nearby pretty warm. That’s why we recommend that one, you install an exhaust fan in your kitchen area and two, that you opt for doing more grilling outdoors. That way, you can have your hot food and a cooler house at the same time.

Don’t “dry” so much. Another thing that you can do to save energy is watch how you dry your dishes and your clothes. While most dishwashers have a “dry” setting, most of them can dry off just fine by allowing the air to dry them. And as far as your clothes, why not string up a line outside and hang some of them from there? These are two very simple ways to lower your electricity bills each month.

Have your HVAC unit serviced. There are a lot of people who spend money on purchasing¬†air purifiers for allergy issues when the truth of the matter is that if they had their HVAC serviced at least once a year, it would reduce a lot of the allergens in the air. Also, by having a technician check your unit, they can be sure that you have enough coolant, that your filters are clean and that it’s working at an optimal level.

Use a programmable thermostat and your ceiling fans. Two other things that are great energy savers are programmable thermostats and ceiling fans. Installing a programmable thermostat is great because it affords you the ability to preset your thermostat to a particular temperature when you’re home and away. Ceiling fans are awesome because they can help to keep the air in your home circulating without altering the temperature of your air conditioning unit. So on a particularly warm day, if have your thermostat set to around 74 degrees and you turn on your ceiling fan, it should be able to make the room feel around 71 degrees. And that’s great news for you as well as your summertime energy bills.

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