5 Ways for the Government to Encourage Greater Energy Efficiency at Home

Studies are coming out everyday that are saying global warming is not only real, but that it could threaten the survivability of many species on earth -including humans. While this might not happen in our own lifetimes, future generations might not be so lucky. Also, you might be seeing some of the ravages of our impact on the planet happening on a different scale: tsunamis, hurricanes and floods. As the problem become worse, the government is desperately trying to find ways to help homeowners conserve energy. Here are five ways for the government to encourage energy efficiency at home.

  1. Tax rebates. Some state and federal tax rebates are applicable to homeowners who install more renewable and sustainable forms of heating and cooling. For instance, you can get some pretty heavy tax cuts for installing a geothermal unit, which uses the power of the earth’s core. However, the cost for installing many of these units is quite exorbitant and makes the tax rebate look like small change – comparatively. So, perhaps the government could increase these rebates and not only for geothermal units, but also for solar units and even units that are more energy efficient. Every little bit of conservation helps.
  2. Loans. Some states governments are even offering loans to homeowners who take methods to be more energy efficient. These loans are going towards simple, but impactful changes, like installing programmable thermostats. One of the biggest programmable thermostat benefits is that it can cut down the reliance on your air conditioning system by simply not having to leave it on all the time. Your government can also give you a loan for new materials to re-insulate your home. However, maybe the government should give loans on brand new, energy efficient HVAC units as well.
  3. Government grants. These grants are a lit bit like loans, but the only difference is that you don’t have to pay them back. Currently homeowners can get a certain amount of money for installing geothermal units – an offer that is being extended until 2016. As more and more researchers are discovering the extent of global warming, local governments are desperately trying to find solutions for their cities. Grants have be hugely successful.
  4. Discounts. Energy bills are a drag, but did you know that if you take certain efforts to conserve energy you can get government discounts on your energy bill. That’s right, the lower your energy bill, the more the government will give you. If you take concerted efforts – as an individual or a family – to save energy, you can save a tremendous amount of money on your long term energy bills.
  5. Appliance rebates. New dishwashers, air conditioning units, and washing machines can be expensive, but many government programs are offering big rebates on appliances that are considered energy efficient. You can even get rebates on a new toilet and installation if the model is proven to conserve water. When it comes down to it, the government wants clean air as much as you do, so it is important to work together.

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