Top 5 Swimming Pool Cleaning and Care Tips

Pools are an ideal way to stay cool all summer long and get come good exercise, while enjoying the outdoors with friends and families. While pools provide a great leisure activity, they can also be a nuisance if they aren’t properly maintained. To avoid expensive repairs, be sure to regularly and consistently clean and care for your pool so that you can use it frequently and keep it in the best shape possible for years of swimming! Here are the top 5 swimming pool cleaning and care tips for your pool.

  1. Keep the perimeter of your pool clean and clear. The exterior and surrounding area of your pool can drastically impact the quality of your pool. Keep leaves and other objects away from the perimeter by sweeping them away to avoid them getting into the pool water. Since you pay a lot of money for chemicals to keep your pool clean, you want to reduce the extra debris and junk that builds up in your pool to reduce how often you need to use chemicals to keep the pool water balanced and safe for use.
  2. Use a vinyl liner cleaner. Often chemicals are not enough to protect the pool. While they do keep the water balanced, they do not help to protect the liner around your pool, which can deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. Often sunscreens, sun tan lotion and bug sprays will come off and seep into the water. They will then adhere to the lining of your pool, causing the lining to wear faster. This means you will have to replace or repair your liner more frequently, which costs lots of time and money! Instead use a vinyl liner cleaner to prevent buildup and keep your pool at its cleanest.
  3. Empty your pool’s skimmer baskets daily. Skimmers collect all sorts of debris and junk, and they can even harbor small animals or insects that accidentally make their way into the pool. To avoid buildup and even rot, these skimmers need to be frequently emptied and sometimes sprayed down with a hose to clear them completely. Getting this junk out will reduce the need for more chemicals, saving you money and giving you piece of mind, knowing your pool is free of debris.
  4. Avoid the buildup of harmful algae in your pool. You can do this by using an algaecide. Buy and use a 3 month product immediately when you first open your pool for the summer season. Don’t buy three bottles of 1-month algaecide because you will be wasting your money on products that will do the same thing as the cheaper 3-month product. A one-quart bottle will usually cost about $15-$20 at a pool supply store or online.
  5. Finally, be sure to skim your pool often with a long handled net. This can help clear away buildup that doesn’t make it to your skimmers. Many things will float to the surface such as pollen, leaves, bugs and even dead (or live) frogs that have made their way into your pool. This is a quick and simple process that is easy and should become a regular routine.

All of these tips will help to ensure that your pool is properly cleaned and cared for. Be sure to remove any debris and buildup with the skimmers or a net, clear the perimeter of the pool with a broom, clean the pool liner, and prevent algae development in your pool or even in your SwimEX exercise pool for a happy, healthy swim season.

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