5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Accent Chairs for Your Home

Furnishing a home usually goes one of two ways. You can either start with a design plan that speaks to a comprehensive and unified vision for the style of your space or you can cobble pieces together one at a time until you’ve built a collection that suits you. This tends to be the more common method for most homeowners, at least in the beginning when they don’t have a ton of money to drop on interior design and new furnishings all at once. So you’re bound to find yourself adding and replacing pieces here and there in order to create a collection that turns your house into a home. And if you’re looking to purchase some accent chairs to add seating and style to your living room arrangement, here are a few things you’ll want to consider in the process.

  1. Comfort. For most people, this is the number one consideration when it comes to purchasing any type of seating. If it’s not comfortable, it’s not going to get used, and since you’re not on the market for a sculpture that looks like a chair, you definitely want something that has use value. While it can be tempting to go for a shape, style, or even textile pattern that you fall in love with for its aesthetic appeal, form has to follow function, as with all types of design. Keep in mind that if you find a chair that meets your requirements for comfort but not style, you may be able to make some adjustments, especially in the way of reupholstering to get a fabric you prefer.
  2. Cost. Finding comfortable accent chairs is useless if you can’t afford them, so you’re going to have to strike a balance between cost and comfort, unless you’re lucky enough to have unlimited funds (and most of us aren’t). The best course of action is to set a budget ahead of time and find stores that seem to have options within your spending limit. But keep in mind that a well-built piece of furniture can last you for years, so spending a little extra for a chair that feels like it was made for you may be well worth the additional cost.
  3. Available space. The size of your accent chairs should coincide with your available space. This doesn’t mean that you should try to squeeze in every last inch of armchair that your room allows for, though. The stature of your chairs should match the space, so if you have a small room, daintier chairs are a more appropriate choice, while a large, cavernous room could benefit from overstuffed furnishings.
  4. Other furniture. Naturally, the couch, coffee table, and other items of furniture and decor in your space will play a role in your selection process since you want everything in the room to tie together in some way. Whether you choose accent chairs in a complimentary color palette, similar materials, or a style that matches what you already have, you want to make sure that they’re not going to stand out like a sore thumb. And they don’t even have to match each other so long as each piece fits your overall design scheme.
  5. Personal style. Websites like Houzz and StashHome.com can give you inspiration, and the latter can provide you with the opportunity to buy, as well. But you’re going to have to sift through plenty of options in order to find the accent chairs that suit your personal style and meet other requirements for comfort, cost, and general suitability for your home and your current decor.

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