5 Tips for Cleaning Up and Restoring Your Home After a Fire

A house fire can be devastating. Feeling like you’ve lost everything can really hurt. In the instance of a house fire, it is important to start the restoration and clean up process immediately, so that you can get back to your life and put all that devastation behind you. According the to the National Fire Protection Agency, there are almost half a million house fires each year and the monetary damage for those house fires surpasses almost 7 billion dollars. Most of that money is in restoration, but hopefully you have an insurance policy to cover it. Here are five tips for cleaning up and restoring your home after a fire.

  1. Start with all the stuff you can trash before you start collecting and trying to restore valuables. There will most likely be a lot of trash, especially if the fire was particularly devastating. If this is the case, you might want to rent a dumpster you can put outside your home where you can toss all the trash. If you have more trash than you can handle, you might want to hire a team to work with you, like a debris hauling or trash service.
  2. Make sure to throw out all food that is left over in your home. If your food has been exposed to harmful chemicals or if the fire started in the kitchen and food is covered in soot, it is no longer edible. You might feel like you want to hold on to all your food – just to hold on to something – but the best thing to do is discard it. You just never know what chemicals have found their way into the food – and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Some canned goods might be okay, but even then, you might want to just start fresh.
  3. If the damage is especially bad, you might want to hire a special restoration team. You can visit GlobalRestoration.net for a huge list of restoration services. Not only does this company restore damage from fires, but also damage from floods and mold infestations. Sometimes the water used to put out the fire can cause mold to proliferate, so when you are restoring your home, you want to make sure the mold is completely removed too.
  4. Use a high-powered vacuum to clean soot and debris left by fire extinguishers. Making sure that there is no residue is important during the clean up process and regular methods, like sweeping and using a low-powered vacuum, won’t be able to fully do the trick. However, with a high-powered vacuum, you can usually complete the job relatively easily.
  5. Make sure to open up all the windows and doors. You want to have maximum ventilation when you are cleaning up after a house fire. After a fire, mold and mildew can start to grow as a result of the water used to put out the fire, so having plenty of fresh air is important and by keeping a good cross breeze growing, you can significantly reduce the risk of further damage caused by mold.

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