How to Safely and Naturally Eliminate Pests in Your Yard

Do you have holes in your yard? Brown or amber colored grass? Plants and flowers with tiny holes in them? Chances are that this means you have a pest problem. There are a number of pests that can wreak havoc on your yard and garden. Some of these pests are furry and mammalian and some of these pests are a little more insect-like – and some even have wings, for maximum garden destruction. However, getting rid of pests using chemical methods can sometimes do more harm than good. Aren’t there any natural ways to eliminate pests? In fact, there are. Here is how to safely and naturally eliminate pests in your yard.

One of the most common natural methods to eliminate pests in your yard – specifically insects – is by spraying a nicotine-based pesticide on your plants and grass. The nicotine molecule, which is derived from the tobacco plant, is shaped like a tiny, microscopic shard of glass – and this is in its totally natural, unmodified form. These nicotine-based pesticides can deter pests and kill existing ones that might be feeding off of your garden – the garden that you work so hard to maintain.

Another way to safely and naturally eliminate pests is to use a sulfur-based pesticide. However, this pesticide is usually reserved for young vegetables and fruit gardens. If you have herbs or other plants, you are not recommended to use this method, because it can be harmful to some plants. Yet, if you are trying to protect your tomatoes, legumes, carrots or even apple tees, try this method. Just make sure, though, to read the instructions thoroughly, because you can wind up doing more damage to yourself and your garden if you don’t.

Next, if you have a problem with gophers or other mammalian creatures tearing up your yard and your garden, you can always get a cat. In fact, cats have been used for centuries for this exact job. Almost immediately after you get a feline friend, you will notice that all the critters that are burrowing holes in your yard won’t want to be around anymore and they will make their home elsewhere. If you are allergic to cats, dogs can do the trick too.

Also, if you have a serious aphid problem – aphids can really wreak havoc on gardens – you might want to hire a few ladybugs. In fact, using ladybugs to reduce the amount of aphids has been used as a safe and natural pesticide method in the commercial farming industry for decades. Farmers will import hundreds of thousands of ladybugs. The ladybugs will effectively go through the entire crop and eat all the aphids — without ever harming the crop. Plus, ladybugs are beautiful to look at.

Lastly, if you can’t find any natural solutions on your own, you might want to call an exterminator to see if he or she can find any natural solutions that will do the trick. In fact, there are some great exterminators at theĀ Forsyth exterminating company that use a number of methods to get rid of those unwanted critters in your yard. Once those pests are gone from your yard, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief.

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