How to Protect Your Garage Doors From Extreme Weather Damage

If you live in a part of the country that experiences severe weather, you’re probably well experienced with preparing your home for the worst case scenario. Your house is likely the largest investment in your portfolio, and you can’t just up and move simply because hurricanes, floods or tornadoes are known to visit your region. At the same time, you cannot turn a blind eye to the risks either. You can batten down the roof, put up serious storm covers on the windows and reinforce the glass, but all of those efforts leave the most vulnerable part of your home unattended. That’s your garage, and it’s usually the spot that buckles first under heavy winds and rains. Most garage doors are flimsy, and won’t stand up to much. So here are some tips to help you protect your garage doors from extreme weather.

If you really want to insure that you home will handle the worst that Mother Nature throws at it, consider picking up a set of impact-resistant doors for your garage. This is an extreme measure, as those doors are incredibly pricey. But it is an investment in your peace of mind. You’ll probably spend well over a thousand dollars to set up a two-car garage with impact-resistant doors, but the products rated at that level will stand up to gusts of 150 miles per hour. They’ll also be able to withstand a direct hit by heavy debris coming in at upwards of 30 miles per hour, which is the hurricane building code requirement. Just do your purchasing after the end of hurricane season, when prices are likely to come down.

A lower step that will still make a difference is installing braces on each garage door. You’ll find several different brands that offer quality braces, and you can usually buy them at your local home improvement store. These are only around $200 each, making it a far more affordable measure. If you regularly handle the maintenance around the house you’ll be able to install the braces yourself, although you can bring in a professional to make sure the job is done right. They’re also easy to pop in and out, so you can put the braces in place when a storm is coming as well.

Another good idea is buying hurricane panels for the garage door. These are basically metal sheets that you’ll bolt to the exterior of each door. They can also be placed on tracks, so you can slide them open or closed. It’s quite similar to how people protect their windows and doors. It’s a simple concept, and will run you about a third of the price of an impact resistant garage door. Just check with the county before you put these in, as you might actually need a building permit to cover the work.

Finally, there’s a really cool option called garage door netting. You can pick this up for roughly $10 for each square foot, making it slightly less expensive than the impact-resistant option. You can also attach the netting prior to a storm, just like with the braces. Just make sure you practice the installation, as you don’t want to get flustered with a storm right around the corner. Quality companies likeĀ ABC garage doors and gates offer these for sale online, and they will certainly help in the case of a storm-related impact.

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