5 Key Benefits of Modular Housing

As the world’s population grows, the demand for housing is putting many cities and communities in a unique bind. Also, as many home building materials are becoming less and less available,¬†modular housing is quickly becoming the answer to people’s woes. Yet, people seem to have a preconceived notion about modular housing that prevents them from exploring modular housing as a viable option. However, if you evaluate the advantages of modular housing, you will see that modular housing isn’t just a viable option – it is also an exciting option. Modular housing is often cheaper to build and you can even pitch in on the construction and design. Here are five key benefits of modular housing.

  1. Better quality. Most modular homes are built in hangars, warehouses and factories. In fact, whole homes are assembled in temperature-controlled rooms that aren’t affected by rain, snow and other extreme weather. This means that you don’t need to worry about water damage and other issues that can be common with a home that is built from scratch. Better quality usually means better quality of living.
  2. Faster construction. With modular homes, you don’t need to wait a year or two for your home to be finished. If you opt for a modular home, you could be all moved in in less than six months. This can be a huge advantage to people that want to get the process of moving and settling in over and done with. With non-modular homes, you have to build according to the trends in the weather. If it is too hot, cold, rainy or snowy, construction of a non-modular home can take even longer. With modular homes, you don’t need to worry about the weather getting in the way of construction.
  3. Versatility. When many people think about modular homes, they think of a homogenous home with no personality and that looks like every other home on the block. However, with today’s modular homes, modular housing architects and companies, like¬†AMS Group, will work with the homeowner to customize the look and feel of the home. If a bedroom needs to be slightly wider, or if the living room needs to be reduced to accommodate for another car in the garage, this is usually totally feasible.
  4. They cost much less to build. Modular housing is incredibly affordable to build. With non-modular housing you have to worry about a lot of extraneous costs, like extra materials and even labor. With modular housing, you don’t need nearly as many people working on the construction of the home for days on end, which can really start to add up. More than that, though, you also don’t have to worry about expensive contractor fees.
  5. Modular homes last longer. Modular homes are built with much stronger materials and wood that is about 30% to 40% more fortified than the wood used in traditional construction. This means that modular homes can withstand extreme weather and high winds, so that you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on insurance costs and repairs.

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