5 Benefits of Having Low Flow Toilets in Your Home

Are low flow toilets the future? In the old days, people used toilets that flushed down over three times as much water as they do now – sometimes up to 10 gallons. This amounts to possibly hundreds of gallons of water waste every single day. If you have a toilet that was running or leaking, the water waste could be worse. However, low flow toilets are unique because they only use about a gallon or two of water, for each flush. A low flow toilet also comes with options that allow you to flush down more according to what is in the toilet, like debris and other solids. Here are five benefits of having low flow toilets in your home.

  1. The biggest benefit thus far is the water savings. Low flow toilets conserve a tremendous amount of water, which is good for your carbon footprint and your wallet. The average person flushes the toilet between six and seven times a day, which is equivalent to multiple gallons of water – if you have kids, you could be wasting even more water. Low flow toilets use a combination of plumbing technology and design to achieve this water savings.
  2. You make your money back on the purchase of your toilet. Low flow toilets – depending on if they are more advanced – can be slightly pricey. This is because they use a lot more technology. However, if you take a look at the macro perspective, you will be making that money back in about twelve months with the money you save on your monthly water bill. It is recommended to install a low flow toilet in each bathroom of your house to maximize the water savings.
  3. More variety. Low flow toilets – because they are advanced – give you options. These options can increase your water savings and can make your toilet more versatile. Low flow toilets generally have two buttons – one button allows you to flush only a gallon or two if whatever you have in your toilet is light, and a few more gallons if whatever is in your toilet is heavy. If you have multiple members in your family, having this versatility can be a really big plus.
  4. Increase your property value. Potential homebuyers want to see that your home is retrofitted and efficient. When you advertise that your bathrooms have low flow toilets installed, it can make your home much more attractive. Homebuyers like to see that the home they would buy won’t have too big of a financial impact in terms of utilities and bills. This is another way to help legitimize your decision as to whether you should install a low flow toilet or not. With a higher offering price on your home, it will.
  5. Aesthetically pleasing. Having low flow toilets is also more aesthetically pleasing. The large toilets of yesterday are bulky and uncomfortable. Low flow toilets, however, are designed by professional industrial designers and graphic artists. If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, go low flow.

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