Top 5 Painting Tips and Tricks for the Interior of Your Home

All of us have had times when we’ve looked at the scuffs on the hallway walls or the accent wall in our bedroom and felt that the rooms could use a fresh coat of paint. The thing is, if you’ve never painted the interior of your house before, you might be hesitant to try to do it on your own for fear that you could make a mess of it all.

If that is the main reason why you haven’t gone to your local home improvement store to pick up a couple of cans of paint, you’re in luck. Below, we’re going to share with you five tips and tricks that will help you to paint the inside of your house quickly and efficiently so that the end result can look just about as good as the professional painters would do.

Buy a sample before you buy an entire gallon. It’s not uncommon to go to your local home improvement store, see a couple of paint chips that you like and purchase some gallons in those hues only to get home and realize that it doesn’t go as well with your dwcor as you would like. One way to save yourself some time and money is to take home a sample instead. It’s a cheaper and easier route to go as you’re figuring out what goes best with your furniture as well as the lighting in the various rooms of your house.

Pick up a few pour paint lids. One of the most annoying things about painting is trying to pour the paint into your paint trays. That’s because it has the tendency to splash everywhere. Something you can do to prevent that from happening is to pick up a few pour paint lids. For one thing, it makes the pouring process smoother. And, because the lids are so tight, it can also help your paint to last a lot longer.

Cover your trays with aluminum foil. If you’ve never painted before, then you’re bound to make a couple of mistakes at first. It could be while you’re mixing colors or even once you put a shade on your walls and then decide to go with something else. In order to avoid going through tons of paint trays, cover your first set with aluminum foil. That way, when you’re finished, all you have to do is pull back the foil and toss it into the trash can.

Watch some videos on painting. It can be really easy to get too much paint on your brush or to not have consistency in your strokes. The best way to avoid both of these things is to either have someone who has painted before come help you or to check out some videos on YouTube. Just go to the website and put “paint wall techniques” in the search field.

Clean your paintbrushes with vinegar and hot water. If you asked a paint company likeĀ Sergios Painting for a couple of their tips, something that they might recommend is that you avoid using a toxic substance to clean your paintbrushes during the painting process. Instead, go with 2 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of hot water and let the brushes soak for about 30 minutes. That should have them looking like new again. Just in time for your next paint project.

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