How to Heat Your Home With Solar Panels

The colder months are on the way. We might not want to believe it – what with all the glorious summer weather – but it’s true. You can either remain in denial until you are four layers deep in your bed and still cold, or you can get proactive. Yet, when it comes to the cold winter weather, you don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to the sun completely. One of the best ways, in fact, to heat your home is with the power of the sun. Solar power is quickly advancing as one of the best ways to heat your home – it is also 100% energy efficient. Here is how to heat your home with solar panels.

Your first step in heating your home with solar panels is to do a little logistical organization first. Before you start placing solar panels on your roof and installing the heating system, you need to know how much energy you really need – according to your average energy demands. There is a lot that goes into these calculations, like the square footage of your home, how many family members, and even some personal preferences, like how warm you would like your house to get in the wintertime.

After you get some of the logistical legwork down, it is time to decide how many solar panels you will need and where you will place them. You typically have two options when it comes to solar panels. All you really want to do is have some method of absorbing the energy from direct sunlight, so you can either use the traditional solar panels – which can be more expensive – or you can bootstrap it and go with some black paint on a metal sheet. The former is typically more powerful and aesthetically pleasing, but the latter takes up less room.

Next, you need to install the system and the solar panels. Typically, you want to call in the professionals for this job, because they will be able to place the panels on the part of your roof that gets the most amount of sunlight. Usually, all you need is about four to five hours worth of direct sunlight a day and you are good to go for up to two days – three if you are lucky. A professional solar heating company, likeĀ Fahrenheit Inc, will also be able to position the solar panels to take advantage of the most available light – by tilting the panels at a very precise angle.

Lastly, once you have all the panels set up, you can then connect them to the circulatory fan, which will ultimately start blowing warm air through the ductwork every time you turn your heater on. You can even adjust the temperatures accordingly. You might be able to get away with not having ductwork – especially if you use radiant heat, but there is absolutely nothing like the fresh, warm air of the sun blowing through your home. Not only is solar energy efficient, but you will also save a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

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