Benefits of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard

Summer is the time when most homeowners take to the outdoors, trying to grab every free moment to enjoy their beautiful landscaping, broad decks and well-appointed patios. It’s the perfect time of year for barbecues, relaxed games of catch or a sunset cocktail hour, and if the weather is with you you’ll be able to enjoy your space for more than half of every day. But there are some moments when you’ll have to head inside, regardless of how much you are enjoying the view. The nights can be cold, even during the summer, and if you want to do some cooking and your barbecue is on the fritz you’ll be stuck in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you have the time and the resources to install a fire pit. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding a fire pit to your backyard.

Summer nights are cool, but with a fire pit you’ll never have to cut the party off once the sun goes down. Set up a fire pit near your best seating area, and even on the chilliest night you’ll be able to enjoy your property until the last partygoer decides to call it a night. This is an ideal setup for other times of year as well. The fall is a fantastic time to entertain, but if you don’t have a lot of communal space in the house you’ll have to spread out onto the backyard to take full advantage of a special occasion. Things can get tricky as the calendar turns to October and the weather cools even further. But with a raging fire pit and a blanket or two you’ll have no problem sitting out and stargazing to your heart’s content.

A fire pit is also a fantastic alternative to a barbecue or grill. Sometimes firing up the grill simply isn’t an option. Perhaps you’ve run out of charcoal or propane and the stores aren’t open for a restocking run. Maybe you’re having one of your biggest blowouts of the year and your small grill just isn’t up to the task. Regardless of the reasoning, your fire pit can easily become a secondary grill. Build up the stones all along the sides and you can lay a grill right over the top.This is a fantastic option if you have vegetarians at your party as well. You can keep the hotdogs, sausages, barbecue chicken and burgers all on one grill, and then do your vegetables over the fire pit. As long as you use real wood or charcoal underneath they’ll taste delicious, and no one will complain about intermingling foods ever again.

The best outdoor fire pits are also visually attractive. If you plan things out properly you can actually use it to help raise the resale value of your home. One option is to install a permanent fire pit with a gas line from your home. The wood you lay inside will just be decorative, and with a simple turn of a spigot and the strike of a match you’ll have a bright, blazing fire that everyone can enjoy. This is a great option because you’ll never run out of wood, either, and getting the fire pit up and running will take all of five seconds. If a cold breeze is swiftly moving in this will take care of your guests without delay.

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