Selecting Weather Resistant Windows for Your Home

If you live in a part of the country where extreme weather conditions have become par for the course in recent years it’s going to be up to you to figure out how to keep your home safe from the elements. You can’t control the weather, and as you’ll find most nights of the week when turning on the news you frequently can’t predict it either. Your best approach is going to be one of forethought and preparation. It seems silly to be thinking about driving storms in the middle of the summer, but extreme weather patterns can hit your area during any season. If you don’t have the proper windows in place you’re going to face potential wind and water damage that could be absolutely devastating. So here are some tips for selecting weather resistant windows for your home.

First of all, research companies in your area that specialize in impact-resistant windows. During a major storm it often isn’t the rain that causes the largest problems, but the patterns of severe wind. Most windows can stand up to several inches of driving rain, but hurricane strength winds will shatter a traditional window. Impact-resistant windows will certainly be far more expensive than standard models, but you don’t want to skimp when it comes to your family’s safety. At the very least install these weather resistant models on the ground floor, where there is a larger chance of detritus and broken branches swirling around during a bad storm. As a preventative measure on the second floor, consider installing impact-resistant shutters over your standard windows. You can easily close these during a bad storm, giving you a bit of extra security from the debris that might be flying around.

When speaking with the window company, see if they recommend any additional products to help insure the weather resistance of new or current windows. For example, there are several quality weather sealants on the market that will certainly help keep out the water. Most of them are made of rubber, which makes them easily affordable and simple to install. Just make sure when you do put in those weather seals that you lay them out carefully, exactly in the gaps of each frame. You could end up with paint damage if you have to pull the seals off and reapply them.

If you are going to install a whole new set of windows, ask the manufacturer if there are any additional benefits other than impact resistance. For example, many of these storm windows are also tinted against ultraviolet light. They’ll keep your home cooler, which could be hugely helpful during a hot spell. They’ll cut down on a bit of exterior sound, and even reduce your utility bills through increased energy efficiency. But don’t forget to inquire about the locking mechanisms as well. If the hardware is shoddy it might not matter how fancy the glass panes are.

Finally, check out each manufacturer by looking up some customer reviews. This is crucial, especially if you’re going to put in a large order. Any company can come up with a great looking website and make all sorts of promises. There are no guarantees that some random manufacturer will provide the same quality as the replacement windows Newmarket crafts. Yelp could be a good resource here, but hunt down some message boards as well.

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