5 Benefits of Dehumidifying Your Basement

Is your basement livable? Could you turn your basement into another bedroom? The answer lies in whether or not your basement is dehumidified. Our basements are hotbeds for moisture and humidity – namely because there isn’t any insulation. And why should there be? – No one is going to live down there anyways. Yet, dehumidification is absolutely necessary for the prevention of mold, respiratory discomfort, and a whole host of other problems too. Most importantly, though, our basements hold the structural workings that keep our house standing – things like moisture and rot can affect support beams, which could have a domino effect. Here are 5 benefits of dehumidifying your basement.

  1. Dehumidifiers are your strongest defense against mold. In fact, it is one of the only ways to prevent mold. Mold spores – especially toxic ones – can proliferate in wet, humid climates. Basements are prone to mold because that is where there is an enclosed space without much insulation – a perfect breeding ground. Not only is the mold harmful to breathe in, but also the mold can affect the structural elements of the basement, which could result in an unsound foundation. During the summertime, or if you live in a particularly humid or tropical location, dehumidification to prevent mold is even more important.
  2. A dehumidifier can also make you breathe much easier. In most cases, anything above a 45% humidity level can make it hard to breathe. This is especially true amongst older individuals whose bodies have to work twice as hard to get the oxygen they need. If you are turning your basement into a livable space, or even if you have your washer and dryer in your basement, keeping the humidity level down at all times will make it much easier to spend time and do basic chores in your basement.
  3. A dehumidifier can protect the raw wood of your basement’s wooden support structure and beams. Our basements have crucial structural elements that keep our houses standing at an even keel. Moisture and humidity can cause wood to warp, bend, rot and break – especially if you have a room above the house that gets a lot of foot traffic. Moreover, the wooden support beams that connect to the foundation of the home start to warp as well, which could have devastating consequences over an extended period of time. Also, if you have wooden furniture, or anything else made of wood stored in your basement, a dehumidifier can protect those items too.
  4. Dehumidifiers can also prevent airborne pathogens from proliferating. Even if you have a clean bill of health and a strong immune system, if your basement is too humid it could literally be harboring an invisible colony of seasonal viruses and bacteria. The chances are high that you will get sick. Keep the humidity down and you will prevent the risk of coming down with something.
  5. Dehumidifiers can also prevent allergy symptoms from flaring up. Not only can mold cause allergies, but so can dust, dander, mildew, and other particles that thrive in humid air. Cut down the humidity and you can cut down on your seasonal allergies too.

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