5 Benefits of Heated Flooring in Your Home

Heated flooring isn’t just a luxury – it is actually one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home. Underfloor heating is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways heat to our homes. The old energy sucking ductwork systems of yesterday are burdensome and expensive – not only with your monthly utility rates, but also all the maintenance that is required to clean and replace parts over the years. In fact, heated flooring has a long history – all the way back to ancient Korea. Today’s systems, however, are a lot more advanced and require the installation of radiant heating coils underneath your floors. Here are five benefits of heated flooring in your home.

  1. Heated flooring has no drafts and the air is perfectly still. With most heating systems, you have deal with a constant draft of warm air, which can start to get a little uncomfortable after a while. You can turn your system on low, but you still feel the air moving, which can decrease your enjoyment if you are trying to read, concentrate, or watch TV. With heated flooring you don’t get any moving air – just warmth.
  2. Heated flooring is also completely silent. Because there is no moving air or even moving parts – if you discount the invisible atoms moving around – you don’t get any noise at all. Most heating systems make at least a whirring sound, but when you get into the thick of the winter it can start to sound like a tennis shoe in a dryer. If you want a completely silent heating system, radiant flooring is your best option. This means no more holding your pillow over your face, trying to go to sleep at night, and no more having to decide whether to turn up the volume on the TV or turn down the heat.
  3. Heated flooring is also good for your health. Because you don’t have any moving air, you don’t have an allergens or indoor air pollutants moving throughout the house. In most heating systems that require a series of ductwork to move the warm air throughout the house, you have the risk of mold, pet dander, and dust blowing every which way. With heated flooring, you don’t have to worry about this at all. This means no more sudden sneezing and stuffy noses when you want to heat your home.
  4. Heated flooring is highly efficient. Heated flooring has many energy efficiency benefits having to do with the concentration and distribution of heat – they are, in fact, similar to¬†thermal expansion valve benefits. This is because the heat is concentrated and rises – thereby spreading evenly throughout each room in your home. This means that you have less energy escaping, because you have more energy to spare according to the output, and you don’t need to worry taking extra measures to insulate your home accordingly.
  5. Heated flooring is cozy. Imagine being able to walk around your home in the morning with bare feet and not have to worry about it feeling like you are walking around on ice. This means no more digging for socks or clamoring for your slippers in the morning – you can get up and actually look forward to stepping out of the bed or shower.

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