5 Tips for Installing a Basic Home Theater

The entertainment industry has been forced to change drastically over the last decade, keeping up with changes in technology that radically altered the way people consumed films, television shows, video games and music. It’s just as easy to watch the latest blockbuster on your iPad as it is to head to the movie theater, and is actually cheaper and often more enjoyable as well. In order not to lose all of that business to the pirates, studios are now making their first run films available for home audiences far earlier in the process. So if you want to set up a home theater, you won’t sacrifice anything in the realm of content. In fact, you’ll probably find you watch more movies with a home theater, as it takes all of the annoyances of going out to the cinema out of the process. But you’ve got to approach the renovation properly. Here are five tips for installing a basic home theater system.

Start the process off by sketching the layout of your home theater. You’ll have to take into consideration any beams in the room, or issues that might affect the line of sight for viewers. Before you buy anything you should have a scale drawing so you know exactly how it will all fit in. This will keep you from purchasing things you can’t use, or doing a bunch of work just to find out there’s some major issue you can no longer solve.

You’ll definitely want all of the audio and video cables to be hidden. No polished home theater, even the most basic ones, have cables snaking across the floor. It looks ugly, but worse yet can cause people to trip, hurt themselves and break your expensive equipment. So open the wall up behind where you will put all of your gear and snake the cables through to where they need to go. Always install some additional cables as well, so you’ll have room to grow without having to cut through the walls once more.

Now it’s time to think about how the sound will bleed out into the rest of the house. Most people place their home theater in the basement, so it’s far away from the bedrooms. But a good action movie will still shake the house, aggravating anyone who isn’t enjoying the show. Consider installing soundproofing panels on the walls and ceiling to keep the noise levels down through the rest of the house. Your neighbors and family will appreciate the effort, and you won’t have to cut the movie short just because the clock strikes 10PM.

With all of that handled, consider changing the color of the walls. A bright room doesn’t work well for a home theater. It allows the light from the screen to bleed onto the walls, which degrades the quality of the image. Darker colors work much better, helping your monitor perform up to its maximum standards. Hang grey or black fabric on the walls, which will also help fulfill that fantastic movie theater feel.

Finally, make sure you research all of the technical equipment you purchase in full detail. You’ll have literally hundreds of choices, and if you’re going with a basic home theater set up you’ve got to make sure every item is chosen perfectly. Reach out to¬†Memphis home entertainment services professionals, who can help school you on the latest if you don’t know how to start. And look up reviews for all of the products you are considering as well. If you see a consensus between the manufacturers, the customers and the installation professionals you’ll know you’re on the right track.

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