5 Basic Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

You might not realize it, but your carpet could be the dirtiest part of your home. Things like dirt, dust, indoor air pollutants, and germs can become buried in our carpets – and we might not even notice it, especially if our carpets are a dark color. However, cleaning your carpets is not only important to maintain the health of your living and workspace, but also your health too. Germs and mold can start to affect your breathing and can actually make you sick. This is why taking weekly measures to make sure your carpet is clean and free of germs is so crucial – not to mention it can increase the lifespan of your carpets. Here are 5 basic carpet cleaning and maintenance tips.

  1. Vacuum weekly. Not cleaning your carpets weekly will result in your carpets becoming worn down and frayed. Not only that, but it will pick up all the germs and detritus that have accumulated, which over the course of the week is a lot, especially if you have pets or allow shoes in the home. Moreover, not vacuuming weekly will result in dirt being spread throughout the rest of the home and your carpet.
  2. Vacuum attentively. Most people just go over there carpet once or twice with the vacuum, but much of the time they are neglecting huge swatches of their carpet that need to be gone over multiple times – basically, until the sound of moving debris subsides. This is important, because dust and dirt can get buried very deeply and depending on how thick your carpet is, it might take a few times before that dirt is extracted. Another mistake is that we vacuum very fast, but the most effective way is to go as slow as possible.
  3. Before you vacuum, use baking soda or some other kind of natural stain fighter. By putting a smattering of baking soda on your carpets you can pull up both stains and odors too. It is important to do this at least thirty minutes before you vacuum so that you can let the baking soda do its magic. After you apply the baking soda and let it sit, you can vacuum. You will notice that with the baking soda will come all the unwanted stains.
  4. Get your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months. No matter if you haveĀ NZ carpet or shag carpeting, you want to protect your carpet as best as you can to you want to increase its lifespan too. The number one way to do this is to get it professionally cleaned every six months. Getting it professionally cleaned will prevent germs and will get rid of 90% of the dirt and other pollutants that have become buried inside.
  5. Request that people remove their shoes. Our shoes can be the number one culprit for dragging dirt and germs inside. Shoes can also wear your carpet down and can stain them. It might be wise to have a sign at the entrance politely asking people to remove their shoes before they come inside.

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