How to Find Comfortable Furniture for Your Home Office

The opportunity to work from home on a regular basis is an absolute pleasure for most people. Some freelancers and virtual employees make their entire careers this way, enjoying the flexibility and convenience of this new working environment that modern technology makes possible. Imagine being able to do most of your daily tasks in your bathrobe, breaking for a lunch that you put together in your own kitchen, and forgetting what it ever felt like to battle traffic in a long commute. It can make even the most boring tasks manageable, but not if you work all day in a broken, wooden chair with a computer in your lap. That’s a sure ticket to carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain that will plague you through the weekend. So here are some tips on how to find comfortable furniture for your home office.

First of all, start your search at local yard sales. This is the best way to go if you don’t have to host clients at your home office. The goal is comfort, not attractiveness, and you’ll likely find all sorts of fantastic desks, chairs, side tables and couches that will fit your needs. It could come from moving sales, or perhaps the seller was just ready to upgrade. As long as the stuffing hasn’t completely smashed down to nothing, a chair that needs a bit of TLC or some new upholstery will certainly do the trick.

Another good option is the office moving sale. Keep an eye on the papers, and look for announcements of large offices moving out of the area. They’ll most likely be getting rid of all of their office furniture, and at a steep discount. You could end up finding barely used, ergonomic desk chairs for a fraction of what you would pay for them new. As long as you have a truck or an SUV that will fit your new purchases, you’ll save a ton of money going this way.

Sometimes it is comfort that truly takes the front seat, and money isn’t that much of a concern. This is probably the case for programmers or web designers, when you’ll spend ten or more hours of your day sitting in front of the computer. You’ve got to have the right equipment, or you’ll be miserable. So hop on the internet and search office supply sites. But don’t just take anything that is loudly advertised. Instead, look for customer reviews. These are the folks who live with each piece of furniture on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how good it looks. What’s really important is what that furniture, couch or settee feels like after a couple of months in your office. Look for the best reviewed pieces, and you won’t be disappointed.

Just keep in mind that you may have to look beyond the major office supply chains to find the really good stuff. Instead of focusing on their sites, look for design sites that review the best, most innovative new furniture releases. You’ll find all sorts of incredible, high end pieces this way. Of course, you may have to be willing to get things shipped from out of the country. Check out and you’ll find some incredible pieces, for example. But paying for the shipping from Australia may leave you with the worst case of heartburn you’ve had since you stopped working out of the main corporate office.

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